b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPottery PoorDewey: 666; 738 Related Term(s): Basic needsScope Note: Use for materials on pottery for the Domestic economic assistancetable or for decorative use. Materials Public welfareon the technology of fired earthen Subsistence economyproducts or on clay productsintended for industrial use are Powder, Smokelessentered under Ceramics. Use: GunpowderUse For: Crockery; Dishes; Earthenware;Faience; Stoneware Powdered milkSee Also: types of pottery and pottery of Use: Dried milkparticular countries, e.g. American Power (Mechanics)pottery [to be added as needed] Dewey: 531; 621Broader Term(s): Ceramics Scope Note: Use for materials on the physics andClay industry engineering aspects of power.Decoration and ornament Materials on the available sources ofDecorative arts mechanical power in general areTableware entered under Energy resources.Narrower Term(s):American pottery Use For: Energy technologyArt pottery Broader Term(s): Mechanical engineeringGlazes MechanicsPorcelain Narrower Term(s):Compressed airTerra cotta Electric powerRelated Term(s): Vases Energy resourcesPotteryMarks Force and energyDewey: 738 MachineryUse For: Potters marks Power transmissionSteamPottery, American Water powerUse: American pottery Wind powerPottery, Canadian Power (Social sciences)Use: Canadian pottery Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPoultry Dewey: 303.3Broader Term(s): Political scienceGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):Elite (Social sciences)Dewey: 598.6; 636.5See Also: types of domesticated birds, e.g. Power blackoutsDucks [to be added as needed] Use: Electric power failuresBroader Term(s): BirdsDomestic animals Power boatsNarrower Term(s):Chickens Use: MotorboatsCookingPoultry Power failuresDucks Use: Electric power failuresGeeseTurkeys Power of attorneyPoverty Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 346.02Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Durable power of attorneyDewey: 305.5; 362.5 Broader Term(s): LawUse For: Destitution; PauperismSee Also: names of countries with the Power plantssubdivisions Economic conditions Use: Electric power plantsand Social conditions [to be addedas needed] Power plants, HydroelectricBroader Term(s): Economic conditions Use: Hydroelectric power plantsSocial problems Power plants, NuclearNarrower Term(s):Homelessness Use: Nuclear power plants772'