b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRelated Term(s): Human origins Premenstrual tensionUse: Premenstrual syndromePrehistory PremiersUse: Archeology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFossil hominids Dewey: 920Prehistoric peoples Scope Note: Use for materials on the leaders ofPrejudice Canadian provinces. Materials aboutUse: Prejudices the premiers of Canada are enteredunder Prime ministersCanada.Prejudice in testing The subdivisions under PresidentsUse: Test biasUnited States may be used,Prejudice-motivated crimes when appropriate, underthisUse: Hate crimes heading.See Also: names of premiers [to be added asPrejudices needed]Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically PremiersCanadaDewey: 152.4; 177; 303.3Use For: Bias (Psychology); Bigotry; Dewey: 352.230971Prejudice Scope Note: Use for material on the leaders ofSee Also: types of prejudice [to be added as Canadian provinces. Materials aboutneeded] the premiers of Canada are enteredBroader Term(s): Attitude (Psychology) under Prime ministersCanada.Emotions The subdivisions under PresidentsInterpersonal relationsUnited States may be used,Narrower Term(s):Antisemitism when appropriate, under thisDiscrimination heading.Ethnocentrism Use For: CanadaPremiers; PrimeIslamophobia ministersCanadaProvinces;Racism Provincial premiersSexism See Also: names of premiers [to be added asneeded]Prejudicial publicity Broader Term(s): Cabinet ministersCanada Use: Freedom of the press and fair trial ProvincesPrelude and fugue Provincial governmentsRelated Term(s): Prime ministersCanadaUse: FuguePreludes and fugues Prenatal careGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Fugue Dewey: 618.2Premarital contracts Broader Term(s): PregnancyUse: Marriage contracts Prenatal diagnosisPremarital counseling Dewey: 618.3Use: Marriage counseling Broader Term(s): DiagnosisNarrower Term(s):AmniocentesisPremature burial Genetic counselingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 306.9 Prenuptial agreementsUse For: Burial, Premature Use: Marriage contractsBroader Term(s): Burial Prenuptial contractsPremenstrual syndrome Use: Marriage contractsDewey: 618.1 Prepaid group medical practiceUse For: PMS (Gynecology); Premenstrual Use: Health maintenance organizationstensionBroader Term(s): Menstruation Preparation guides for examinationsSyndromes Use: ExaminationsStudy guides776'