b'Preservationism (Historic preservation)Prepared cereals Preservation of biodiversityDewey: 641.3; 664 Use: Biodiversity conservationUse For: Breakfast cereals; Cereals, Prepared Preservation of botanical specimensBroader Term(s): BreakfastsFood Use: PlantsCollection andpreservationPreprimersUse: Easy reading materials Preservation of buildingsUse: ArchitectureConservation andPresbyterian Church restorationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Preservation of foodDewey: 285Broader Term(s): Christian sects Use: FoodPreservationPresbyterian ChurchSermons Preservation of forestsDewey: 252 Use: Forest conservationBroader Term(s): Sermons Preservation of historical recordsPreschool children Use: ArchivesUse: Children Preservation of library resourcesPreschool education Use: Library resources Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Conservation and restorationDewey: 372.21 Preservation of natural resourcesUse For: ChildrenEducation; Education, Use: Conservation of natural resourcesPreschool; InfantsEducationBroader Term(s): Education Preservation of natural sceneryNarrower Term(s):Readiness for school Use: Landscape protectionRelated Term(s): Kindergarten Natural monumentsNursery schools Nature conservationPreschool reading materials Preservation of organs, tissues, etc.Use: Easy reading materials Dewey: 617.9Prescription drug abuse Use For: Organ preservation (Anatomy);Organs (Anatomy)PreservationUse: Medication abuse Related Term(s): Transplantation of organs, tissues,Preselection of sex etc.Use: Sex preselection Preservation of photographsPresents Use: PhotographsConservation andUse: Gifts restorationPreservation Preservation of specimensUse types of foods and other things preserved with the Use: Taxidermysubdivision Preservation, e.g. FruitPreservation of wildlifePreservation; WoodPreservation; etc.; Use: Wildlife conservationantiquities and types of natural objects, includinganimal specimens and plant specimens, with the Preservation of woodsubdivision Collection and preservation, e.g. Birds Use: WoodPreservation Collection and preservation; and types of art Preservation of works of artobjects, library materials, architecture, and land Use subjects with the subdivision Conservation andvehicles with the subdivision Conservation and restoration, e.g. PaintingConservation andrestoration,e.g. AutomobilesConservation and restoration [to be added as needed]restoration [to be added as needed]Preservation of antiquities Preservation of zoological specimensUse: AntiquitiesCollection and Use: Zoological specimens preservation Collection and preservationPreservationism (Historic preservation)Use: Historic preservation777'