b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPreserving PresidentsUnited StatesBurialUse: Canning and preserving Use: PresidentsUnited States Presidential aides Death and burialUse: PresidentsUnited StatesPresidentsUnited StatesChildrenStaff Dewey: 920Presidential campaignsUnited States PresidentsUnited StatesDeath and burialUse: PresidentsUnited StatesDewey: 393; 973Election Use For: PresidentsUnited States Presidential libraries Burial; PresidentsUnited States Funeral and memorial services;Use: PresidentsUnited StatesPresidentsUnited States Archives Memorial servicesPresidents PresidentsUnited StatesElectionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 324.973Dewey: 352.23; 920 Scope Note: May further subdivide by date.See Also: names of presidents [to be added as Use For: Campaigns, PresidentialUnitedneeded] States; Electoral college;Broader Term(s): Heads of state Presidential campaignsUnitedNarrower Term(s):Vice-presidents StatesRelated Term(s): Executive power Broader Term(s): ElectionsPresidentsMexico PresidentsUnited StatesFamilyDewey: 920; 972 Dewey: 920Use For: MexicoPresidentsPresidentsUnited StatesFathersPresidentsPowers Dewey: 920Use: Executive powerPresidentsUnited States PresidentsUnited StatesFuneral and memorialDewey: 352.230973; 920 servicesScope Note: When applicable, the subdivisions Use: PresidentsUnited States under this heading may be used Death and burialunder names of presidents, prime PresidentsUnited StatesHealthministers, and other rulers. Dewey: 352.23; 920Use For: United StatesPresidents Use For: PresidentsUnited States See Also: names of presidents [to be added as Illnessneeded]Narrower Term(s):Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 PresidentsUnited StatesHomesDewey: 728PresidentsUnited StatesAppointmentDewey: 352.23 PresidentsUnited StatesIllnessUse: PresidentsUnited States PresidentsUnited StatesArchives HealthDewey: 026Use For: Libraries, Presidential; Presidential PresidentsUnited StatesImpeachmentlibraries; PresidentsUnited States Dewey: 342 Libraries PresidentsUnited StatesInability to serveSee Also: names of individual libraries [to be Use: PresidentsUnited States added as needed] SuccessionBroader Term(s): ArchivesNarrower Term(s):Harry S. Truman Library PresidentsUnited StatesInaugural addresses(Independence, Mo.) Dewey: 352.23PresidentsUnited StatesAssassination Broader Term(s): SpeechesDewey: 364.15; 973 PresidentsUnited StatesInaugurationBroader Term(s): Assassination Dewey: 352.23778'