b'PressGovernment policyPresidentsUnited StatesLibraries PresidentsUnited StatesState of the UnionUse: PresidentsUnited StatesmessageArchives Use: PresidentsUnited States PresidentsUnited StatesMedals MessagesDewey: 352.23 PresidentsUnited StatesSuccessionPresidentsUnited StatesMemorial services Dewey: 342; 352.23Use: PresidentsUnited StatesUse For: PresidentsUnited States Death and burial Inability to servePresidentsUnited StatesMessages PresidentsUnited StatesTombsDewey: 352.23 Dewey: 917.3Use For: Messages to Congress; Presidents PresidentsUnited StatesTravel United StatesState of the Dewey: 352.23Union message; State of the Union Use For: PresidentsUnited States messages Voyages and travelsPresidentsUnited StatesMothers PresidentsUnited StatesVoyages and travelsDewey: 920 Use: PresidentsUnited States PresidentsUnited StatesNomination TravelDewey: 324.50973 Presidents spousesUnited StatesUse For: Nomination of presidents Dewey: 920PresidentsUnited StatesPortraits Use For: First ladiesUnited States;Dewey: 973 PresidentsUnited States Spouses; Presidents wives PresidentsUnited StatesPower United States; Wives of presidentsUse: Executive powerUnited StatesUnited StatesPresidentsUnited StatesPress relations Presidents wivesUnited StatesDewey: 070.4; 352.230973 Use: Presidents spousesUnitedStatesPresidentsUnited StatesProtectionDewey: 352.23 PressGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPresidentsUnited StatesQuotations Dewey: 070Dewey: 818 See Also: topics with the subdivision PressBroader Term(s): Quotations coverage, e.g. Food contaminationPresidentsUnited StatesRelations withPress coverage [to be added asCongress needed]Broader Term(s): JournalismDewey: 328.73; 352.23 PropagandaPresidentsUnited StatesReligion PublicityDewey: 920 Narrower Term(s):Alternative pressBroadcast journalismPresidentsUnited StatesResignation Freedom of the pressDewey: 352.23 Freedom of the press and fair trialPresidentsUnited StatesSports News agenciesPamphletsDewey: 920 Related Term(s): NewspapersPresidentsUnited StatesSpouses PeriodicalsUse: Presidents spousesUnited Public opinionStates PressGovernment policyPresidentsUnited StatesStaff Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 352.23 Dewey: 323.44Use For: Presidential aides Use For: Government and the press; PressBroader Term(s): Executive departmentsUnited and governmentStates Broader Term(s): Freedom of information779'