b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPress and government Use For: DiseasesPrevention; Medicine,Use: PressGovernment policy Preventive; Prevention of diseasePress censorship See Also: names of diseases with theUse: Freedom of the press subdivision Prevention, e.g. AIDS(Disease)Prevention [to bePress clippings added as needed]Use: Clippings (Books, newspapers, Broader Term(s): Medicineetc.) Narrower Term(s):Communicable diseases Press coverage PreventionUse topics with the subdivision Press coverage, e.g. HealthFood contaminationPress coverage [to be Heart diseasesPreventionadded as needed] HygieneVaccinationPress relations Related Term(s): PathologyUse types of public officials and names of individual Prey and predatorpublic officials with the subdivision Press relations, Use: Predation (Biology)e.g. PresidentsUnited StatesPress relations[to be added as needed] Price comparison servicesPress working of metal Dewey: 381; 640Use: Sheet metalwork Scope Note: Use for materials on internetservices that search shopping webPressure groups sites to find and compare prices ofUse: Lobbying specific goods.Political action committees Broader Term(s): Internet shoppingPrestidigitation Price controlsUse: Magic tricks Use: Wage-price policyPretenders Price guidesUse: Impostors and imposture Use subjects with the subdivision Price guides formaterials that list typical selling prices for objects,Prevention e.g. AntiquesPrice guides [to be added asUse types of diseases, medical conditions, and needed]situations to be avoided with the subdivisionPrevention, e.g. AIDS (Disease)Prevention; Price indexes, ConsumerAccidentsPrevention; etc. [to be added as Use: Consumer price indexesneeded] Price theoryPrevention of accidents Use: MicroeconomicsUse: AccidentsPrevention Price-wage policyPrevention of crime Use: Wage-price policyUse: Crime prevention PricesPrevention of cruelty to animals Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Animal welfare Dewey: 338.5See Also: subjects with the subdivision Prices,Prevention of disease e.g. ArtPrices [to be added asUse: Preventive medicine needed]Prevention of fire Broader Term(s): CommerceUse: Fire prevention Consumption (Economics)EconomicsPrevention of smoke FinanceUse: Smoke prevention ManufacturesNarrower Term(s):ArtPricesPreventive medicine BooksPricesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Consumer price indexesDewey: 613 Farm produceMarketingStock price indexes780'