b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsPrimitive society Princes and princessesUse: Primitive societies Use: PrincesPrince Edward Island PrincessesDewey: 917.17; 971.7 PrincessesScope Note: May be subdivided like Manitoba Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyexcept for History. Dewey: 920Use For: Princes and princesses; RoyaltyPrince Edward IslandHistory Broader Term(s): Courts and courtiersDewey: 971.7PrintingPrince Edward IslandHistory0-1873 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 971.7 Dewey: 686.2Prince Edward IslandHistory1800-1899 (19th See Also: types of printing processes [to becentury) added as needed]Use: Prince Edward IslandHistory Broader Term(s): Bibliography 19th century Book industryGraphic artsPrince Edward IslandHistory1873- Industrial artsDewey: 971.7 Publishers and publishingScope Note: Use for materials on the history of Narrower Term(s):Advertising layout andPrince Edward Island since 1873, typographyincluding materials on the effect of Color printingConfederation on Prince Edward ElectrotypingIsland. Linoleum block printingLinotypePrince Edward IslandHistory1873-1918 LithographyDewey: 971.7 Nature printsPrince Edward IslandHistory1900-1999 (20th Offset printingcentury) ProofreadingRubber stamp printingUse: Prince Edward IslandHistory Textile printing 20th century Three-dimensional printingPrince Edward IslandHistory1918-1945 Type and type-foundingDewey: 971.7 TypesettingTypographyPrince Edward IslandHistory1945- Related Term(s): Book designDewey: 971.7 BooksPrintsPrince Edward IslandHistory19th centuryDewey: 971.7 PrintingExhibitionsUse For: Prince Edward IslandHistoryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically1800-1899 (19th century) Dewey: 686.2074Broader Term(s): ExhibitionsPrince Edward IslandHistory20th centuryDewey: 971.7 PrintingSpecimensUse For: Prince Edward IslandHistoryDewey: 686.21900-1999 (20th century) Use For: Type specimensBroader Term(s): AdvertisingPrince Edward IslandHistory21st century InitialsDewey: 971.7 Related Term(s): Type and type-foundingPrince Edward IslandPolitics and government PrintingStyle manualsDewey: 971.7 Dewey: 686.02Princes Use For: Style manualsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): AuthorshipHandbooks,Dewey: 920 manuals, etc.Use For: Princes and princesses; RoyaltyBroader Term(s): Courts and courtiers782'