b'ProjectilesBroader Term(s): TeachingAids and devices Broader Term(s): CivilizationNarrower Term(s):Computer-assisted instruction Narrower Term(s):Science and civilizationEnglish languageProgrammed Progressive Conservative Party of CanadainstructionTeaching machines Dewey: 324.27104Use For: Conservative Party (Canada); PCProgrammed textbooks Party; Tories, CanadianUse: Programmed instruction Broader Term(s): Political partiesCanadaProgramming (Computers) Progressive educationUse: Computer programming Use: EducationExperimentalProgramming languages methodsDewey: 005.13 Progressivism (United States politics)Use For: Computer languages; Computer Dewey: 320.973program languages; Machine Broader Term(s): Political sciencelanguage; Programming languages Prohibited books(Computers); Programminglanguages (Electronic computers) Use: BooksCensorshipSee Also: names of specific languages, e.g. ProhibitionFORTRAN (Computer language) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically[to be added as needed] Dewey: 344Broader Term(s): Computer software Scope Note: Use for materials on the legalLanguage and languages prohibition of liquor traffic andNarrower Term(s):FORTRAN (Computer language) liquor manufacture.HTML (Document markup Broader Term(s): Criminal lawlanguage) Related Term(s): TemperanceVisual Basic (Computer language)Related Term(s): Computer programming Project ApolloUse: Apollo projectProgramming languages (Computers)Use: Programming languages Project GeminiUse: Gemini projectProgramming languages (Electronic computers)Use: Programming languages Project method in teachingDewey: 371.3Programs (Publications) Broader Term(s): TeachingDewey: 080Scope Note: Use for individual works, Project Rangercollections, or materials about the Dewey: 629.43printed outlines providing the order Use For: Ranger projectof performance at public Broader Term(s): Lunar probespresentations. Project schoolsUse For: Performance programs; Programbooks Use: Experimental schoolsPrograms, Computer Project SealabUse: Computer software Use: Sealab projectPrograms, Radio Project TelstarUse: Radio programs Use: Telstar projectPrograms, Television Project VoyagerUse: Television programs Dewey: 629.43Use For: Voyager projectPrograms, Twelve-step Broader Term(s): AstronauticsUnited StatesUse: Twelve-step programs ProjectilesProgress Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 303.44 Dewey: 623.4Use For: Social progress Use For: Shells (Projectiles)787'