b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNarrower Term(s):Ammunition Propaganda, e.g. World War,Bombs 1939-1945Propaganda [to beGuided missiles added as needed]Rockets (Aeronautics) Broader Term(s): Political psychologyRelated Term(s): Ordnance Public opinionProjective geometry Narrower Term(s):American propagandaDewey: 516 LobbyingUse For: Geometry, Projective PressBroader Term(s): Geometry Psychological warfareWorld War, 1939-1945 Projectors PropagandaDewey: 771 Related Term(s): AdvertisingUse For: Film projectors; Magic lanterns; Persuasion (Psychology)Motion picture projectors; Opaque Publicityprojectors; Slide projectors; Propaganda, AmericanStereopticon Use: American propagandaProletariat Propaganda, CanadianGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Canadian propagandaDewey: 305.5Broader Term(s): Labor Propagation of plantsSocialism Use: Plant propagationWorking classPropellers, AerialProliferation of arms Use: Aerial propellersUse: Arms raceProper namesPromises Use: NamesDewey: 170Broader Term(s): Ethics PropertyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPromotion (School) Dewey: 330.1Dewey: 371.2 Use For: OwnershipUse For: Grade repetition; Grade retention; Broader Term(s): EconomicsNon-promotion (School); Promotion Narrower Term(s):Airspace lawin school; Retention, Grade; School Cultural propertygrade retention; School promotion; Eminent domainStudent promotion IncomeBroader Term(s): Grading and marking (Education) Intellectual propertyPromotion in school Lost and found possessionsUse: Promotion (School) Real estateRight of propertyPromptness Surplus government propertyUse: Punctuality Timesharing (Real estate)Related Term(s): WealthPronunciationUse names of languages with the subdivision Property rightsPronunciation, e.g. English languageUse: Right of propertyPronunciation [to be added as needed] Property taxAssessmentProofreading Use: Tax assessmentDewey: 070.5; 686.2 Property, Crimes againstBroader Term(s): Printing Use: Offenses against propertyPropaganda Property, Right ofDewey: 303.3; 327.1 Use: Right of propertySee Also: propaganda of particular countries,e.g. American propaganda; and Propheciesnames of wars with the subdivision Dewey: 133.3; 202788'