b'PsychologyBroader Term(s): Psychology MoraleNarrower Term(s):Ego (Psychology) PropagandaPsychosomatic medicine WarRelated Term(s): Abnormal psychology Narrower Term(s):BrainwashingHypnotism World War, 1939-1945 Mind and body Psychological aspectsSubconsciousness PsychologistsPsychogenetics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Behavior genetics Dewey: 920Psychokinesis Narrower Term(s):PsychiatristsSchool psychologistsDewey: 133.8 Related Term(s): PsychologyUse For: TelekinesisBroader Term(s): Parapsychology PsychologySpiritualism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPsychological aspects Dewey: 150Use For: MindUse subjects with the subdivision Psychological See Also: religions, theological topics, titles ofaspects, e.g. DrugsPsychological aspects; individual sacred works, types ofWorld War, 1939-1945Psychological aspects; animals, classes of persons, ethnicetc. [to be added as needed] groups, and names of individualPsychological fiction persons, including individual literaryDewey: 808.83; 809.3 authors, with the subdivisionScope Note: Use for individual works, Psychology, e.g. Christianity collections, or materials about Psychology; Women fiction that focuses on the thoughts, Psychology; Native Americans feelings, and motivations of the Psychology; etc.; subjects with thecharacters rather than the external subdivision Psychological aspectsaction. for materials on the relationship ofBroader Term(s): Fiction particular situations, conditions,activities, environments, or objectsPsychological stress to the mental condition orUse: Stress (Psychology) personality of the individual, e.g.Psychological tests ColorPsychological aspects [toGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically be added as needed]; and types ofDewey: 150.28 psychology [to be added as needed]Use For: Mental tests Broader Term(s): BrainBroader Term(s): Psychology PhilosophyNarrower Term(s):AbilityTesting SoulRelated Term(s): Educational tests and Narrower Term(s):Adjustment (Psychology)measurements Adolescent psychologyAggressiveness (Psychology)Psychological types ApperceptionUse: Typology (Psychology) Applied psychologyAssertiveness (Psychology)Psychological warfare AttentionDewey: 355.3 Attitude (Psychology)Scope Note: Use for materials on methods used Autonomy (Psychology)to undermine the morale of the Behavior geneticscivilian population and the military Behaviorismforces of an enemy country. BiblePsychologyUse For: War of nerves Change (Psychology)See Also: names of wars with the subdivision Child psychologyPsychological aspects [to be added Choice (Psychology)as needed] ColorPsychological aspectsBroader Term(s): Applied psychology Competition (Psychology)Military art and science Consciousness793'