b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: types of drugs and names of Related Term(s): Administrative lawindividual drugs [to be added as Public officersneeded] Public assistanceBroader Term(s): DrugsNarrower Term(s):Antidepressants Use: Public welfareHallucinogens Public buildingsNarcotics Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyStimulants Dewey: 352.5; 725PTAs Scope Note: Use for materials on buildingsUse: Parent-teacher associations owned by the public and maintainedat public expense, such asPteranodon government office buildings, publicDewey: 567.918 libraries, public schools, etc.Broader Term(s): Dinosaurs Materials on buildings that arePterosaurs privately owned and maintained andPterodactyls are open tothe public for business orentertainment are entered underDewey: 567.918 Buildings or under the specific typeBroader Term(s): Dinosaurs of building.Pterosaurs Use For: Government buildingsDewey: 567.918 See Also: names of individual public buildingsBroader Term(s): Dinosaurs [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Pteranodon Broader Term(s): BuildingsPublic worksPuberty Narrower Term(s):CapitolsDewey: 612.6Broader Term(s): SexPhysiological aspects Public buildingsCanadaRelated Term(s): Adolescence Dewey: 352.5; 725.0971Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianPublic accommodations, Discrimination in federal government buildingsUse: Discrimination in public located in or outside of Canada,accommodations including materials on CanadianPublic administration embassy or consulate buildingsabroad.Dewey: 351 Use For: CanadaGovernment buildings;Scope Note: Use for general materials on the CanadaPublic buildings; Publicconduct of public business not buildings, Canadianlimited to a specific place. See Also: names of public buildings, e.g.Use For: Administration Parliament Buildings (Ottawa,See Also: names of countries, states, cities, Ont.) [to be added as needed]etc., with the subdivision Politics Broader Term(s): BuildingsCanadaand government, e.g. United States Politics and government [to be Public buildingsChicago (Ill.)added as needed] Dewey: 725.09773Broader Term(s): Local government Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Public buildingsMunicipal governmentPolitical science Public buildingsManitobaNarrower Term(s):Administrative agencies Dewey: 725.097127Bureaucracy Use For: ManitobaPublic buildingsCivil service Public buildingsOhioGovernment accountability Dewey: 725.09771Intelligence service Use For: OhioPublic buildingsLicensesMilitary government Public buildingsUnited StatesTransparency in government Dewey: 352.5; 725.0973United StatesPolitics and Scope Note: Use for materials on U.S. federalgovernment government buildings located in or796'