b'Public healthoutside of the United States, Public financeincluding materials on U.S embassy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyor consulate buildings abroad. Dewey: 336Use For: Public buildings, American; United Scope Note: Use for general materials on theStatesGovernment buildings; raising and expenditure of funds inUnited StatesPublic buildings the public sector, and, with ageographic subdivision, forPublic buildings - Vancouver (B.C.) materials on the public finance ofDewey: 725.09711 countries, states, localities, cities,Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)Public etc.buildings Use For: Finance, PublicBroader Term(s): FinancePublic buildings, American Narrower Term(s):BudgetUse: Public buildingsUnited States Deficit financingPublic buildings, Canadian Federal aidUse: Public buildingsCanada Fiscal policyGovernment aidPublic debts Government lendingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Grants-in-aidDewey: 336.3 Metropolitan financeScope Note: Use for materials on government Municipal financedebts. Public debtsUse For: Debts, Public; Federal debt; TariffGovernment debts; National debts TaxationSee Also: names of wars with the subdivision Public financeCanadaFinance, e.g. World War, Dewey: 336.711939-1945Finance [to be added Use For: CanadaPublic financeas needed] Narrower Term(s):Grants-in-aidCanadaBroader Term(s): DebtLoans Public healthPublic finance Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Bonds Dewey: 362.1; 614Deficit financing Use For: Hygiene, Social; Public hygiene;Public debtsCanada Social hygieneDewey: 336.3 Broader Term(s): HealthUse For: CanadaPublic debts; Federal Human servicesdebtCanada Social problemsState medicinePublic debtsUnited States Narrower Term(s):BurialDewey: 336.3 CemeteriesUse For: United StatesPublic debts Communicable diseasesCommunity health servicesPublic demonstrations CremationUse: Demonstrations Disinfection and disinfectantsPublic documents Environmental healthUse: Government publications EpidemicsEpidemiologyPublic domain Food adulteration and inspectionUse: Public lands Health boardsHealth facilitiesPublic domain software HospitalsUse: Free computer software ImmunizationPublic enterprises Meat inspectionUse: Government business enterprises Medical careMedical charitiesPublic figures Milk supplyUse: Celebrities Noise797'