b'Public schoolsCanadaNarrower Term(s):Term limits (Public office) Public playgroundsRelated Term(s): Civil service Use: PlaygroundsPublic administration Public procurementPublic officials Use: Government purchasingUse: Public officers Public purchasingPublic opinion Use: Government purchasingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Public recordsPreservationDewey: 303.3 Use: ArchivesUse For: Opinion, PublicSee Also: subjects with the subdivision Public Public relationsopinion, e.g. World War, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically1939-1945Public opinion; and Dewey: 659.2names of countries with the See Also: topics with the subdivision Publicsubdivision Foreign opinion for relations, e.g. LibrariesPublicmaterials dealing with foreign public relations [to be added as needed]opinion about the country, e.g. Narrower Term(s):Business entertainingUnited StatesForeign opinion Customer relations[to be added as needed] Related Term(s): AdvertisingBroader Term(s): Freedom of conscience Public opinionPolitical psychology PublicityPolitical science Public relationsLibrariesSocial psychology Use: LibrariesPublic relationsNarrower Term(s):PropagandaPublic opinion polls Public safety, Crimes againstPublicity Use: Offenses against public safetyUnited StatesForeign opinionWorld War, 1939-1945Public Public schoolsopinion Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Attitude (Psychology) Dewey: 371.01Press Scope Note: Use for materials on preschool,Public relations elementary, and secondary schoolssupported by state and localPublic opinion polls government. Materials on BritishGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically endowed secondary schools that areDewey: 303.3 open to public admission but are notScope Note: Use for general materials and for financed or administered by anymaterials on the technique of polling government body are entered underpublic opinion. Materials on polls English public schools.on a specific topic are entered under Broader Term(s): Schoolsthe appropriate heading for the topic Narrower Term(s):Evening and continuation schoolswith the subdivision Public opinion. High schoolsMaterials on polls taken in a specific Junior high schoolsplace are entered Public opinion Magnet schoolssubdivided geographically. Religion in the public schoolsMaterials on polls limited to a Rural schoolsspecific class of persons are entered Summer schoolsunder the appropriate heading forthe class of persons with the Public schoolsCanadasubdivision Attitudes. Dewey: 371.010971Use For: Opinion polls; Polls; Straw votes Scope Note: Use for materials on preschool,Broader Term(s): Public opinion elementary, and secondary schoolsRelated Term(s): Market surveys that are controlled and supported byprovincial or local governments.Public ownership Use For: CanadaPublic schoolsUse: Government ownership Broader Term(s): SchoolsCanadaMunicipal ownership Related Term(s): Separate schoolsCanada799'