b'Publishers standard book numbersPublic works Public relationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 352.7; 363 Publishers and authorsBroader Term(s): Civil engineering Use: Authors and publishersDomestic economic assistanceNarrower Term(s):Infrastructure (Economics) Publishers and librariesMunicipal engineering Use: Libraries and publishersPublic buildings Publishers and publishingRelated Term(s): City planning Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPublic worksCanada Dewey: 070.5Dewey: 352.7; 363.0971 Use For: Book trade; PublishingUse For: CanadaPublic works See Also: types of literature, types ofpublished materials, and names ofPublic worksChicago (Ill.) individual corporate bodies andDewey: 363.09773 religious denominations with theUse For: Chicago (Ill.)Public works subdivision Publishing, e.g. MusicPublic worksManitobaPublishing [to be added asDewey: 352.7; 363.097127 needed]Use For: ManitobaPublic works Narrower Term(s):Authors and publishersEditingPublic worksOhio Electronic publishingDewey: 352.7; 363.09771 Libraries and publishersUse For: OhioPublic works MusicPublishingPrintingPublic worksUnited States Publishers catalogsDewey: 352.7; 363.0973 Publishers standard bookUse For: United StatesPublic works numbersPublic worksVancouver (B.C.) Self-publishingDewey: 363.09711 Serial publicationsUse For: Vancouver (B.C.)Public works Related Term(s): Book industryBooksPublic worship Booksellers and booksellingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Publishers and publishingExhibitionsDewey: 203; 264 Use: BooksExhibitionsScope Note: May be subdivided by religion orsect. Publishers catalogsUse For: Church attendance Dewey: 015Broader Term(s): Worship Scope Note: Use for catalogs produced byNarrower Term(s):Liturgies publishers and for materials aboutWorship programs such catalogs. Retail book catalogsPublic-private sector cooperation and book auction catalogs andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically materials about such catalogs areDewey: 303.3; 361.25 entered under BooksellersUse For: Business-government relations; catalogs.Government-business relations; Use For: BooksCatalogs; Catalogs;Private-public sector cooperation Catalogs, PublishersBroader Term(s): Cooperation Broader Term(s): Publishers and publishingRelated Term(s): Business and politics Publishers standard book numbersPublicity Dewey: 070.5Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Book numbers, PublishersDewey: 659 standard; Standard book numbersBroader Term(s): Public opinion Broader Term(s): Publishers and publishingNarrower Term(s):Press Narrower Term(s):International Standard BookRelated Term(s): Advertising NumbersPropaganda801'