b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsQuantitative analysis Broader Term(s): AstronomyUse: Analytical chemistry Radio astronomyQuantity cookery Quasi-stellar radio sourcesUse: Quantity cooking Use: QuasarsQuantity cooking Quebec (Province)HistoryAutonomy andDewey: 641.5 independence movementsScope Note: Use for materials limited to the Use: Quebec (Province)Separatistpreparation and cooking of food in movementslarge quantities. Materials on thepreparation, delivery, and serving of Quebec (Province)ready-to-eat foods in large quantities Dewey: 917.14; 971.4outside of the home are entered Scope Note: May be subdivided like Manitobaunder Food service. except for History.Use For: Cooking for large numbers; Use For: Canada East; Lower CanadaQuantity cookery Broader Term(s): Central CanadaBroader Term(s): CookingRelated Term(s): Food service Quebec (Province)AutonomyUse: Quebec (Province)SeparatistQuantum mechanics movementsUse: Quantum theoryQuebec (Province)HistoryQuantum theory Dewey: 971.4Dewey: 530.12Use For: Quantum mechanics Quebec (Province)History0-1791Broader Term(s): Dynamics Dewey: 971.4Physics Quebec (Province)History1791-1841Narrower Term(s):Wave mechanics Dewey: 971.4Related Term(s): Atomic theory Narrower Term(s):Chteau CliqueForce and energyPhysical chemistry Quebec (Province)History1800-1899 (19thRadiation century)Relativity (Physics) Use: Quebec (Province)History Thermodynamics 19th centuryQuarantine Quebec (Province)History1837-1838, RebellionUse: Communicable diseases Use: CanadaHistory1837-1838,Quarks RebellionDewey: 539.7 Quebec (Province)History1841-1867Broader Term(s): Particles (Nuclear physics) Dewey: 971.4Quarries and quarrying Quebec (Province)History1867-Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 971.4Dewey: 622 Scope Note: Use for materials on the history ofUse For: Stone quarries Quebec since 1867, includingBroader Term(s): Economic geology materials on the effect ofRelated Term(s): Stone Confederation on Quebec.Quartz Quebec (Province)History1867-1897Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 971.4Dewey: 549Use For: Rock crystal Quebec (Province)History1897-1936Broader Term(s): Crystals Dewey: 971.4MineralsQuebec (Province)History1936-1960Quasars Dewey: 971.4Dewey: 523.1Use For: Quasi-stellar radio sources Quebec (Province)History1960-Dewey: 971.4804'