b'QueensQuebec (Province)History1960-1976 Quebec (Province). Legislative AssemblyDewey: 971.4 Use: Quebec (Province). NationalUse For: Quiet Revolution (Quebec) AssemblyQuebec (Province)History1970, October Quebec (Province). National AssemblyCrisis Dewey: 328.714Dewey: 971.4 Use For: Quebec (Province). LegislativeUse For: FLQ Crisis, Quebec, 1970; October Assembly; Qubec (Province).Crisis, Quebec, 1970; Quebec Assemble nationaleCrisis, Quebec, 1970 Quebec (Province). Quebec ActRelated Term(s): FLQ Dewey: 342.714Qubec (Province)Separatist Scope Note: Use for materials on the act passedmovements in 1774 that extended theQuebec (Province)History1976- boundaries of the old province ofDewey: 971.4 Quebec and made provision for thelaws and government of thatQuebec (Province)History1990, Native Crisis province and for the place of theDewey: 971.4 Roman Catholic church. Texts ofUse For: Mohawk Crisis, Quebec, 1990; this act are entered underNative Crisis, Quebec, 1990; Oka ConstitutionsCanada.Crisis, Quebec, 1990; Quebec Use For: Quebec Act, 1774(Province)HistoryNative Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1763-1791Crisis, 1990 Constitutional lawCanadaQuebec (Province)History19th century ConstitutionsCanadaDewey: 971.4 Quebec Act, 1774Use For: Quebec (Province)HistoryUse: Quebec (Province). Quebec Act1800-1899 (19th century)Quebec Conference (1864)Quebec (Province)History20th century Dewey: 971.04Dewey: 971.4 Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1841-1867Quebec (Province)History21st century CanadaHistory1867,Dewey: 971.4 ConfederationQuebec (Province)HistoryNative Crisis, 1990 Quebec Crisis, Quebec, 1970Use: Quebec (Province)HistoryUse: Quebec (Province)History 1990, Native Crisis 1970, October CrisisQuebec (Province)Politics and government Quebec Police ForceDewey: 971.4 Dewey: 363.2Use For: Police, Provincial; Provincial police;Quebec (Province)Separatist movements QPP; Quebec Provincial Police;Dewey: 320.9714; 971.4 Sret du QubecUse For: Quebec (Province)Autonomy; Broader Term(s): PoliceCanadaQubec (Province)HistoryQuebec Provincial PoliceAutonomy and independence Use: Quebec Police Forcemovements; Separatist movementsin Quebec; Separatist movements in Queens BirthdayQubec (Province) Use: Victoria DayBroader Term(s): CanadaEnglish-Frenchrelations QueensNarrower Term(s):Bloc qubcois Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFLQ Dewey: 920; 929.7Parti qubcois Scope Note: Use for materials on womenRelated Term(s): NationalismCanada monarchs as well as on wives orQuebec (Province)Historyconsorts of monarchs.1970, October Crisis Use For: Royalty; Rulers; Sovereigns805'