b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsAfrican literature (English) Afro-American authorsDewey: 820 Use: African American authorsBroader Term(s): Literature Afro-American baseball playersAfrican music Use: African American baseballDewey: 780.96 playersBroader Term(s): Music Afro-American businesspeopleAfrican mythology Use: African American businesspeopleDewey: 398.2096 Afro-American childrenBroader Term(s): MythologyUse: African American childrenAfrican peoplesUse: Africans Afro-American librariansUse: African American librariansAfrican relationsUse: Pan-Africanism Afro-American menUse: African American menAfrican songsDewey: 782.42096 Afro-American musiciansUse For: Songs, African Use: African American musiciansBroader Term(s): Songs Afro-American womenAfrican studies Use: African American womenUse: AfricaStudy and teaching Afro-AmericansAfricans Use: African AmericansGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Afro-AmericansMusicDewey: 305.896; 960 Use: African American musicUse For: African peoplesSee Also: names of African peoples, e.g. Afro-Americans and librariesYoruba (African people) [to be Use: Library services to Africanadded as needed] AmericansNarrower Term(s):Ashanti (African people) Afro-Americans in artBlacksAfricaMasai (African people) Use: African Americans in artTutsi (African people) Afro-Americans in literatureYoruba (African people) Use: African Americans in literatureZulu (African people)Related Term(s): Africa Afro-Americans in television broadcastingAfrikaaners Use: African Americans in televisionbroadcastingUse: AfrikanersAfrikaners Afro-Americans on televisionUse: African Americans on televisionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 305.83; 968 After dinner speechesUse For: Afrikaaners; Boers; South African Dewey: 808.5; 808.85Dutch; South Africans, Broader Term(s): SpeechesAfrikaans-speaking Related Term(s): ToastsAfro-American actors After school day careUse: African American actors Use: After school programsAfro-American art After school programsUse: African American art Dewey: 362.71Afro-American artists Use For: After school day careBroader Term(s): Student activitiesUse: African American artistsAfro-American athletes AfterlifeUse: Future lifeUse: African American athletes20'