b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSkepticism ReadersRelated Term(s): Agnosticism Use: Reading materialsAtheism Readers and librariesBelief and doubt Use: Library servicesDeismFree thought Readers theaterRealism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 792Rattlesnakes Scope Note: Use for materials on the dramaticGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically reading of plays before an audience.Dewey: 597.96 Broader Term(s): TheaterBroader Term(s): Poisonous animalsSnakes Readiness for mathematicsUse: Mathematical readinessRaw materialsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Readiness for readingDewey: 333.7 Use: Reading readinessScope Note: Use for works on unprocessed Readiness for schoolminerals and unprocessed animal Dewey: 372.21and vegetable products. Use For: School readinessComprehensive works on the basic Broader Term(s): Elementary educationprocessed materials used in Preschool educationengineering and industry are enteredunder Materials. ReadingBroader Term(s): Commercial products Dewey: 372.4; 418Narrower Term(s):Farm produce Scope Note: Use for materials on methods ofForest products teaching reading and for generalMines and mineral resources materials on the art of reading.Rayon Materials on teaching slow readersDewey: 677 are entered under Reading Broader Term(s): Synthetic fabrics Remedial teaching. Materials onthe cultural or informational aspectsRays, Ultra-violet of reading and general discussionsUse: Ultraviolet rays of books are entered under Booksand reading.RCAF Use For: Childrens reading; Reading Use: Canada. Royal Canadian Air Study and teachingForce Broader Term(s): Language artsRCMP Narrower Term(s):Books and readingUse: Royal Canadian Mounted Police ReadingPhonetic methodReading comprehensionRCN Reading disabilityUse: Canada. Royal Canadian Navy Reading readinessSpeed readingRe-enlistment Word recognitionUse: Recruiting and enlistment Word skillsReaction (Political science) ReadingAids and devicesUse: Conservatism Dewey: 028Reactions, Chemical Narrower Term(s):Electronic book readersUse: Chemical reactions ReadingPatterningReactors (Nuclear physics) Use: Language artsPatterningUse: Nuclear reactors ReadingPhonetic methodReader services (Libraries) Dewey: 372.46Use: Library services Use For: Letter-sound association; Phonics816'