b'Real estate developmentBroader Term(s): English languageHornbooksPronunciation RecitationsReading Related Term(s): Books and readingRelated Term(s): Phonetics Reading readinessReadingRemedial teaching Dewey: 372.41Dewey: 372.43 Use For: Readiness for readingUse For: Reading clinics; Remedial reading Broader Term(s): ReadingReadingStudy and teaching Readings (Anthologies)Use: Reading Use: AnthologiesReading clinics Readings and recitationsUse: ReadingRemedial teaching Use: RecitationsReading comprehension Ready reckonersDewey: 372.48 Use: MathematicsTablesBroader Term(s): Psychology of learning Real estateReadingVerbal learning Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 333.3Reading disability Scope Note: Use for materials on land andDewey: 371.91 buildings considered as property.See Also: types of reading disabilities, e.g. Materials on the buying and sellingDyslexia [to be added as needed] of real property are entered underBroader Term(s): Learning disabilities Real estate business. GeneralReading materials on land apart from theNarrower Term(s):Dyslexia aspect of ownership are enteredReading interests under Land use.Use For: Real property; RealtyUse: Books and reading Broader Term(s): Land useReading interests of children PropertyUse: ChildrenBooks and reading Narrower Term(s):FarmsLandlord and tenantReading interests of teenagers Real estate businessUse: TeenagersBooks and reading Real estate investmentReading interests of young adults Related Term(s): Land tenureUse: TeenagersBooks and reading Real estate businessReading materials Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 333.33; 346.04Dewey: 372.41; 418 Scope Note: Use for materials limited to theScope Note: Use for materials in English buying and selling of real property.intended to be used in teaching General materials on land andreading or language skills. Such buildings considered as property arematerials in other languages are entered under Real estate.entered under the language with the Broader Term(s): Businesssubdivision Reading materials. Real estateUse For: English languageReading Narrower Term(s):HousesBuying and sellingmaterials; Readers Real estate developmentSee Also: names of languages other than Timesharing (Real estate)English with the subdivisionReading materials, e.g. French Real estate developmentlanguageReading materials [to Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallybe added as needed] Dewey: 333.73Broader Term(s): Childrens literature Use For: Development, Real estateNarrower Term(s):Basal readers Broader Term(s): Real estate businessBig books Related Term(s): Real estate investmentEasy reading materials817'