b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRecording, Laser PlayUse: Laser recording PlaygroundsRecordings, Sound Popular cultureUse: Sound recordings ResortsSportsRecordsPreservation VacationsUse: Archives Related Term(s): AmusementsRecords of achievement LeisureUse: World records Sports facilitiesRecords of births, etc. RecreationCanadaUse: Registers of births, etc. Dewey: 790.0971Vital statistics Recreation centersRecords, Phonograph Use: Community centersUse: Sound recordings Physical fitness centersRecords, Sports Recreational vehiclesUse: Sports records Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 629.226Records, World Use For: RVsUse: World records See Also: types of recreational vehicles, e.g.Travel trailers and campers [to beRecovered memories added as needed]Use: Recovered memory Broader Term(s): Outdoor recreationRecovered memory VehiclesDewey: 616.85 Narrower Term(s):Travel trailers and campersUse For: Delayed memory; Recovered Recreations, Literarymemories; Repressed memory Use: Literary recreationsBroader Term(s): MemoryRelated Term(s): False memory syndrome Recreations, MathematicalUse: Mathematical recreationsRecovering addictsDewey: 362.29; 616.86 Recreations, ScientificBroader Term(s): Drug addicts Use: Scientific recreationsRelated Term(s): Recovering alcoholics RecruitingRecovering alcoholics Use: Recruiting and enlistmentDewey: 362.292; 616.86 Recruiting of employeesBroader Term(s): Alcoholics Recruiting and enlistmentRelated Term(s): Recovering addicts Dewey: 355.2Recovery of space vehicles Use For: Armed forcesRecruiting,Use: Space vehiclesRecovery enlistment, etc.; Enlistment;Re-enlistment; Recruiting;Recreation Recruiting, enlistment, etc.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: names of armed forces and ofDewey: 790 armies and navies with theUse For: Pastimes; Relaxation subdivision Recruiting andSee Also: classes of persons with the enlistment, e.g. United States subdivision Recreation, e.g. Elderly Armed ForcesRecruiting and Recreation [to be added as enlistment; United States. Armyneeded]Recruiting and enlistment;etc.Narrower Term(s):Camps [to be added as needed]Community centers Broader Term(s): Armed forcesGames Military personnelHobbies Narrower Term(s):DraftOlder peopleRecreation United StatesArmed Forces Outdoor recreation Recruiting and enlistment820'