b'ReligionRejection (Psychology) Religion; Shakespeare, William,Dewey: 155.9 1564-1616Religion; etc.;Broader Term(s): Psychology religious subjects subdivided byRelations among ethnic groups religion or sect, e.g. Laity Use: Ethnic relations Catholic Church; and othersubjects with the subdivisionRelations with Congress Religious aspects, e.g. EthnicUse names of presidents with the subdivision Relations relationsReligious aspects;with Congress [to be added as needed] LoveReligious aspects; etc.,Relationships, Man-woman which may be further subdivided byUse: Man-woman relationship religion or sect [to be added asneeded]Relative humidity Narrower Term(s):African AmericansReligionUse: Humidity AgnosticismAncestor worshipRelativity (Physics) AnimismDewey: 530.11 Art and religionBroader Term(s): Physics AtheismRelated Term(s): Gravitation BlacksReligionQuantum theory Communism and religionSpace and time DeismRelaxation FaithUse: Recreation HeresyRest MonotheismMoon worshipReliability (Engineering) Native AmericansReligionDewey: 620 OhioReligionUse For: Reliability of equipment; Systems Pantheismreliability Philosophy and religionBroader Term(s): Engineering PolytheismProbabilities Psychology of religionSystems engineering RationalismNarrower Term(s):Quality control Religion and politicsStructural failures Religion and scienceTesting Religion and sociologyReligion in literatureReliability of equipment Religious awakeningUse: Reliability (Engineering) Religious educationRelics Religious fundamentalismGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Religious institutionsDewey: 203 Religious lifeUse For: Relics and reliquaries SanteriaShakespeare, William, 1564-1616Relics and reliquariesReligionUse: Relics Sun worshipSupernaturalRelief, Public TheismUse: Public welfare United StatesReligionReligion VisionsDewey: 200 WarReligious aspectsSee Also: names of peoples, ethnic groups, Worshipcountries, states, etc., and individual Related Term(s): Godpersons with the subdivision MythologyReligion, e.g. Native AmericansReligionsReligion; African AmericansTheologyReligion; United States 825'