b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsReligionGovernment policy Religion and scienceUse: Church and state Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyReligionPhilosophy Dewey: 215Use For: ScienceReligious aspects;Dewey: 210 Science and religionScope Note: Use for materials on the nature, Broader Term(s): Religionorigin, or validity of religion from a Sciencephilosophical point of view. Narrower Term(s):Bible and scienceMaterials on the reciprocal Christianity and sciencerelationship and influence between Related Term(s): Creationismphilosophy and religion are entered Evolutionunder Philosophy and religion. Natural theologyUse For: Philosophy of religionRelated Term(s): Philosophy and religion Religion and social problemsUse: Church and social problemsReligionPolitical aspectsUse: Religion and politics Religion and societyUse: Religion and sociologyReligionPsychological aspectsUse: Psychology of religion Religion and sociologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyReligionSocial aspects Dewey: 306.6Use: Religion and sociology Scope Note: Use for materials on religiousReligionStudy and teaching sociology in general. Materials onUse: TheologyStudy and teaching the sociology of Christiandenominations and on social theoryReligion and art from a Christian point of view areUse: Art and religion entered under Christian sociology.Materials on the practical treatmentReligion and communism of social problems from the point ofUse: Communism and religion view of the church are entered underReligion and education Church and social problems.Use: Church and education Use For: ReligionSocial aspects; Religionand society; Religious sociology;Religion and literature SocietyReligious aspects;Use: Religion in literature Society and religion; Sociology andReligious literature religion; Sociology of religionReligion and medicine See Also: sociology associated with particularreligions, e.g. Christian sociologyUse: MedicineReligious aspects [to be added as needed]Religion and philosophy Broader Term(s): ReligionUse: Philosophy and religion SociologyNarrower Term(s):Christian sociologyReligion and politicsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Religion and stateDewey: 201; 261.7; 322 Use: Church and stateUse For: Political scienceReligious Religion and waraspects; PoliticsReligious Use: WarReligious aspectsaspects; Politics and religion;ReligionPolitical aspects; Religion in literatureReligionsPolitical aspects Dewey: 809Broader Term(s): Politics Use For: Religion and literatureReligion Broader Term(s): LiteratureNarrower Term(s):Christianity and politics ReligionReligion and psychology Related Term(s): Bible in literatureUse: Psychology of religion Religion in the public schoolsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 379.2826'