b'Religious biographyScope Note: Use for materials on the teaching of Sikhismreligion in the public schools or on Taoismthe religious freedom of students Theosophyand school employees. Materials on Voodooismthe inclusion of prayers or a period Zoroastrianismfor silent prayer or meditation in the Related Term(s): Gods and goddessesdaily schedule of public schools are Religionentered under Prayer in the public ReligionsBiographyschools. Use: Religious biographyUse For: Bible in the schools;Fundamentalism and education; ReligionsPolitical aspectsPublic schools and religion Use: Religion and politicsBroader Term(s): Church and educationChurch and state Religious and ecclesiastical institutionsPublic schools Use: Religious institutionsReligious education Religious artNarrower Term(s):Prayer in the public schoolsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyReligions Dewey: 203; 704.9Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Religious art and symbolism;Dewey: 200 Religious painting; ReligiousScope Note: Use for materials on the major sculpture; Sacred artworld religions. Materials on Broader Term(s): Artindependent religious groups whose Narrower Term(s):Christian artteachings or practices fall within the Hindu artnormative bounds of the major Related Term(s): Art and religionworld religions are entered under Religious art and symbolismSects. Materials on groups or Use: Religious artmovements whose beliefs orpractices differ significantly from Religious aspectsthe traditional religions, often Use subjects with the subdivision Religious aspects,focused upon a charismatic leader, e.g. Ethnic relationsReligious aspects; Love are entered under Cults. Religious aspects; etc., which may be furtherUse For: Comparative religion subdivided by the names of religions or sects [to beSee Also: names of religions and of sects added as needed]within the major world religions [tobe added as needed] Religious awakeningBroader Term(s): Civilization Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Bahai Faith Dewey: 204; 269Brahmanism Scope Note: Use for materials on a renewal ofBuddhism interest in religion.Christianity Use For: Awakening, Religious; RevivalChristianity and other religions (Religion)Confucianism Broader Term(s): ReligionCults Religious beliefDruids and DruidismGnosticism Use: FaithHinduism Religious biographyIslam Dewey: 200.92; 920Jainism Use For: ReligionsBiographyJudaism See Also: biography of particular religions,Neopaganism e.g. Christian biography [to beOccultism added as needed]Paganism Broader Term(s): BiographySects Narrower Term(s):Christian biographyShamanism ProphetsShinto Saints827'