b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsReligious ceremonies Religion in the public schoolsUse: Rites and ceremonies Sunday schoolsReligious covenants Related Term(s): Moral educationUse: Covenants TheologyStudy and teachingReligious cults Religious festivalsUse: Cults Use: Religious holidaysReligious denominations Religious fictionUse: Sects Dewey: 808.3; 808.83Scope Note: Use for individual works,Religious denominationsCanada collections, or materials aboutUse names of religious denominations containing a fiction that promotes religiousgeographic qualifier, e.g. United Church of teachings or exemplifies a religiousCanada; and names of religious denominations not way of life.containing a geographic qualifier subdivided by See Also: fiction associated with particularCanada or by province, e.g. Catholic Churchreligions, e.g. Christian fiction [toCanada; and headings for adherents of religious be added as needed]denominations subdivided by Canada, or by Broader Term(s): Fictionprovince or city, e.g. CatholicsCanada [to be Narrower Term(s):Christian fictionadded as needed] Jewish religious fictionReligious drama Religious freedomDewey: 792.1; 808.82 Use: Freedom of religionScope Note: Use for collections or materials Religious fundamentalismabout religious drama, not forindividual works. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Drama Dewey: 200Religious literature Scope Note: Use for religious groups opposed toNarrower Term(s):Bible plays modernity and secularism andEasterDrama seeking a revival of orthodox orJesus ChristDrama conservative beliefs and practices.Morality plays Use For: Fundamentalism; FundamentalistMysteries and miracle plays movementsPassion plays See Also: fundamentalism of various religions,e.g. Islamic fundamentalism [to beReligious education added as needed]Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): ReligionDewey: 207 Narrower Term(s):Christian fundamentalismScope Note: Use for materials on the instruction Islamic fundamentalismof religion in schools and privatelife. Materials limited to the Religious graphic novelsinstruction of Christian religion in Dewey: 741.5schools and private life are entered Scope Note: Use for individual works,under Christian education. collections, or materials aboutMaterials on the relation of the religious graphic novels.church to education and on the Broader Term(s): Graphic novelshistory of the part that the church Religious historyhas taken in secular education are Use: Church historyentered under Church andeducation. Materials on church Religious holidayssupported and controlled elementary Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyand secondary schools are entered Dewey: 263; 394.265under Church schools. Scope Note: Use for materials on religiousUse For: Theological education holidays in general. Materials onBroader Term(s): Education secular holidays are entered underReligion Holidays. Materials on secularNarrower Term(s):Christian education828'