b'Residential treatment centersRepublic of China, 1949- Industrial researchUse: Taiwan Intelligence serviceRepublic of South Africa MedicineResearchUse: South Africa Military researchMusicologyRepublic of the Congo OceanographyResearchUse: Congo (Republic) Operations researchRepublican Party (U.S.) ParapsychologyDewey: 324.2734 SurveysBroader Term(s): Political parties Related Term(s): Information servicesLearning and scholarshipRepublics ResearchMethodologyDewey: 321.8 Dewey: 001.4Use For: Commonwealth, The Use For: Research methodsBroader Term(s): Constitutional history Narrower Term(s):Internet researchConstitutional lawPolitical science Research and developmentNarrower Term(s):Federal government Use: ResearchRelated Term(s): DemocracyRepresentative government and Research buildingsrepresentation Use: LaboratoriesRescue dogs Research methodsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: ResearchMethodologyDewey: 636.73 Research paper writingBroader Term(s): Rescue work Use: Report writingWorking dogsRescue of Jews, 1939-1945 Research, MusicalUse: World War, 1939-1945JewsUse: MusicologyRescue ReservationsRescue operations, Space Use names of native peoples, tribes, etc., with theUse: Space rescue operations subdivision Reservations, e.g. Native Americans Reservations [to be added as needed]Rescue work Reservations, IndianGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Native AmericansReservationsDewey: 363.3Use For: Search and rescue operations ReservoirsBroader Term(s): Civil defense Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):First aid Dewey: 627; 628.1Lifesaving Broader Term(s): Hydraulic structuresRescue dogsSpace rescue operations ResettlementRelated Term(s): Survival after airplane accidents, Use: Land settlementshipwrecks, etc. ResidencesResearch Use: Domestic architectureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically HousesDewey: 001.4 Residential developmentsUse For: Research and development Use: Planned communitiesSee Also: subjects with the subdivisionResearch [to be added as needed] Residential securityNarrower Term(s):AgricultureResearch Use: Burglary protectionAnimal experimentationDiscoveries in science Residential treatment centersDissertations Use: Group homesFocus groups833'