b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsResignation PhysiologyUse classes of persons and names of individual persons Narrower Term(s):Lungswith the subdivision Resignation, e.g. PresidentsRelated Term(s): RespirationUnited StatesResignation [to be added asneeded] Respite careResins Use: Home care servicesUse: Gums and resins ResponsibilityResistance of materials Dewey: 170Use: Strength of materials Use For: Accountability; ObligationBroader Term(s): EthicsResistance to drugs in microorganisms Narrower Term(s):Government accountabilityUse: Drug resistance in Responsibility, Legalmicroorganisms Use: Liability (Law)Resistance to government RESPsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Education savings accounts Dewey: 322.4 CanadaUse For: Government, Resistance toBroader Term(s): Political ethics RestPolitical science Dewey: 613.7Narrower Term(s):Civil disobedience Use For: RelaxationHunger strikes Broader Term(s): HealthPassive resistance HygieneRelated Term(s): Insurgency Narrower Term(s):SleepRevolutions Related Term(s): FatigueResistance welding RestaurantsUse: Electric welding Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyResorts Dewey: 647.95Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Cafes; Coffee shops; Lunchrooms;Dewey: 790 Restaurants, bars, etc.Broader Term(s): Recreation See Also: types of restaurants [to be added asNarrower Term(s):Health resorts needed]Summer resorts Broader Term(s): Food serviceWinter resorts Narrower Term(s):CoffeehousesFast food restaurantsResource management TearoomsUse: Conservation of natural resources Related Term(s): BarsResources, Marine RestaurantsCanadaUse: Marine resources Dewey: 647.9571Use For: Restaurants, bars, etc.CanadaRespirationDewey: 571; 612.2 Restaurants, bars, etc.Use For: Breathing Use: BarsBroader Term(s): Physiology RestaurantsRelated Term(s): Respiratory system Restaurants, bars, etc.CanadaRespiration, Artificial Use: BarsCanadaUse: Artificial respiration RestaurantsCanadaRespiratory organs Restitution for historical injusticesUse: Respiratory system Use: Reparations for historicalinjusticesRespiratory systemDewey: 573.2; 611; 612.2 Restoration of automobilesUse For: Respiratory organs Use: AutomobilesConservation andBroader Term(s): Anatomy restoration834'