b'Ribonucleic acidRevolution, French exercises, e.g. English language Use: FranceHistory1789-1799, Composition and exercises [to beRevolution added as needed]Revolutionaries Broader Term(s): Language and languagesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):CriticismDewey: 321.09 Debates and debatingUse For: Revolutionists Figures of speechBroader Term(s): Dissenters Lectures and lecturingRelated Term(s): Radicalism Letter writingRevolutions PreachingPunctuationRevolutionists SatireUse: Revolutionaries Related Term(s): English languageCompositionRevolutions and exercisesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Literary styleDewey: 303.6 RheumatismUse For: Coups détat; Rebellions; Dewey: 616.7Sedition Broader Term(s): DiseasesSee Also: names of countries with the Narrower Term(s):Goutappropriate subdivision underHistory, e.g. FranceHistoryRhyme1789-1799, Revolution [to be added Dewey: 808.1as needed] See Also: names of languages with theBroader Term(s): Political science subdivision Rhyme [to be added asNarrower Term(s):FranceHistory1789-1799, needed]Revolution Broader Term(s): PoeticsHungaryHistory1956, VersificationRevolution Narrower Term(s):English languageRhymeInsurgency Stories in rhymeNational liberation movements RhymesRadicalism Use: LimericksRussiaHistory1917-1921, Nonsense versesRevolution Nursery rhymesSlave revolts PoetryCollectionsUnited StatesHistory 1775-1783, Revolution RhythmRelated Term(s): Resistance to government Dewey: 808.1Revolutionaries Broader Term(s): AestheticsRevolvers PoeticsUse: Handguns Narrower Term(s):Musical meter and rhythmVersificationRewards (Prizes, etc.) Related Term(s): CyclesUse: Awards Rhythm and blues musicRewards (Prizes, etc.)Canada Dewey: 781.643Use: AwardsCanada Use For: R and B musicBroader Term(s): Popular musicRh factor Related Term(s): Blues musicUse: Blood groups Funk (Music)Rhetoric Ribbon workDewey: 808 Dewey: 746Use For: Composition (Rhetoric); English Broader Term(s): HandicraftlanguageRhetoric; Persuasion(Rhetoric); Speaking Ribonucleic acidSee Also: names of languages with the Use: RNAsubdivision Composition and837'