b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRibose nucleic acid Right (Political science)Use: RNA Use: ConservatismRibozymes Right and left (Political science)Use: Catalytic RNA Right and leftRich Use: Left and right (Direction)Right and left (Political science)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 305.5; 920 Right and left (Political science)Use For: Affluent people; High income Dewey: 320.5people; Rich people; Rich persons; Scope Note: Use for general materials onWealthy people political views or attitudes, i.e.Broader Term(s): Social classes conservative, traditional, liberal,Narrower Term(s):Millionaires radical, etc. Materials on theRich people physical characteristics of favoringone hand or the other are enteredUse: Rich under Left- and right-handedness.Rich persons Materials on left and right asUse: Rich indications of location or directionare entered under Left and rightRiches (Direction).Use: Wealth Use For: Left (Political science); Left andRiddles right; Right (Political science);Dewey: 398.6; 793.735; 808.88 Right and leftScope Note: Use for collections of riddles Broader Term(s): Political partiesconsidered as folklore, as games, or Political scienceas literary exercises, by one or Narrower Term(s):Radicalismseveral authors, and for materials Related Term(s): Conservatismabout riddles. LiberalismUse For: Conundrums; Enigmas Right of assemblyBroader Term(s): Amusements Use: Freedom of assemblyLiterary recreationsNarrower Term(s):Charades Right of associationRebuses Use: Freedom of associationRelated Term(s): Puzzles Right of asylumRide sharing Use: AsylumUse: Car pools Right of privacyRiding Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Horsemanship Dewey: 323.44Use For: Invasion of privacy; Privacy, RightRiel Rebellion, 1869-1870 ofUse: Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870 Broader Term(s): Civil rightsRiel Rebellion, 1885 Narrower Term(s):EavesdroppingDewey: 971.05 Trade secretsUse For: CanadaHistory1885, WiretappingRebellion; Mtis Rebellion, 1885; Right of propertyNorthwest Rebellion, 1885; Red Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRiver Rebellion, 1885; Dewey: 323.4Saskatchewan Rebellion, 1885 Use For: Private property, Right of; PropertyRifles rights; Property, Right ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): Civil rightsDewey: 683.4 PropertyUse For: Carbines Right to a fair trialBroader Term(s): Guns Use: Fair trial838'