b'RiskRight to bear arms Rights of lesbiansUse: Gun control Use: Gay rightsRight to choose movement Rights of manUse: Pro-choice movement Use: Human rightsRight to counsel Rights of womenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Womens rightsDewey: 323.4 Rights, HumanBroader Term(s): Civil rightsUse: Human rightsRight to dieGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Rights, ProprietaryDewey: 179.7 Use: Intellectual propertyBroader Term(s): Death Ringette (Game)Medical ethics Dewey: 796.96MedicineLaw and legislation Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaRelated Term(s): Assisted suicide Related Term(s): HockeyCanadaEuthanasiaLiving wills Riot controlSuicide Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRight to health care Dewey: 303.6Use For: RiotsControlGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): CrowdsDewey: 362.1 RiotsUse For: Health care, Right to; Medical care,Right to; Right to medical care RiotsBroader Term(s): Human rights Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRight to know Dewey: 303.6Use For: Civil disorders; MobsUse: Freedom of information See Also: names of institutions with theRight to medical care subdivision Riots; and names ofUse: Right to health care specific riots [to be added asneeded]Right to work Broader Term(s): CrimeUse: Open and closed shop Freedom of assemblyRight- and left-handedness Offenses against public safetyNarrower Term(s):Riot controlUse: Left- and right-handedness Related Term(s): CrowdsRight-to-life movement (Anti-abortion movement) DemonstrationsUse: Pro-life movement RiotsCanadaRighteous Gentiles in the Holocaust Dewey: 303.6; 971Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: names of institutions with theDewey: 940.53 subdivision Riots; and names ofBroader Term(s): Holocaust, 1939-1945 specific riots [to be added asWorld War, 1939-1945Jewsneeded]Rescue RiotsControlRights management, Digital Use: Riot controlUse: Digital rights management RipoffsRights of animals Use: FraudUse: Animal rights RiskRights of employees Dewey: 338.5; 368Use: Employee rights Broader Term(s): EconomicsNarrower Term(s):Financial riskRights of gays Risk assessmentUse: Gay rights Related Term(s): Probabilities839'