b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Gardens Ballistic missilesRock music Guided missilesRelated Term(s): Interplanetary voyagesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Jet propulsionDewey: 781.66; 782.42166Use For: Rock and roll music RocksSee Also: types of rock music, e.g. Heavy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallymetal (Music) [to be added as Dewey: 552needed] Scope Note: Use for general materials onBroader Term(s): Music naturally occurring solid minerals.Popular music Materials on stone as a buildingNarrower Term(s):Alternative rock music material are entered under Stone.Heavy metal (Music) See Also: varieties of rock, e.g. Granite [to beRock paintings added as needed]Narrower Term(s):GraniteUse: Rock drawings, paintings, and Marbleengravings Related Term(s): GeologyRock tombs PetrologyUse: Tombs StoneRocket airplanes Rocky MountainsUse: Rocket planes Dewey: 978Use For: Canadian Rocky MountainsRocket flight Broader Term(s): MountainsUse: Space flight RodeosRocket planes Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 791.8Dewey: 629.133 Broader Term(s): SportsUse For: Airplanes, Rocket propelled; Rocket Related Term(s): Cowhandsairplanes HorsemanshipSee Also: names of rocket planes, e.g. X-15 RodeosCanada(Rocket aircraft) [to be added as Dewey: 791.8needed] Use For: StampedesCanadaBroader Term(s): High speed aeronautics See Also: names of specific rodeos orSpace vehiclesNarrower Term(s):X-15 (Rocket aircraft) stampedes, e.g. Calgary Stampede[to be added as needed]Rocketry Narrower Term(s):Calgary StampedeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Chuckwagon racingDewey: 621.43 Roentgen raysBroader Term(s): AeronauticsAstronautics Use: X-raysNarrower Term(s):Guided missiles Rogues and vagabondsFictionRockets (Aeronautics) Use: Picaresque literatureSpace vehiclesRoland (Legendary character)Rockets (Aeronautics) Dewey: 398.22Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Orlando (Legendary character)Dewey: 629.133 Broader Term(s): FolkloreUse For: Aerial rocketsSee Also: types of rockets and missiles and Roland (Legendary character)Romancesnames of specific rockets and Dewey: 821missiles [to be added as needed] Role conflictBroader Term(s): AeronauticsHigh speed aeronautics Dewey: 302.5Projectiles Scope Note: Use for materials on the conflictRocketry within one person who is beingNarrower Term(s):Artificial satellitesLaunching842'