b'Root cropsentered under RomeAntiquities. Scope Note: Use for materials on the civilizationMaterials on Roman antiquities of ancient Rome. Materials on bothlimited to one modern country, city, ancient Greek and Romanetc., are entered under the place with civilizations are entered underthe subdivision Antiquities. Classical civilization.Use For: Roman Empire Use For: Roman civilizationRome (Italy) Broader Term(s): Classical civilizationDewey: 945 RomeDescriptionScope Note: Use for materials on the modern city Use: RomeDescription and travelof Rome. Materials about the city of RomeDescription and travelRome in antiquity or about theRoman Empire are entered under Dewey: 913.7; 937Rome. Scope Note: Use for descriptive materials on theRoman Empire including accountsRome (Italy)Antiquities by travelers of ancient times.Dewey: 937 Use For: RomeDescriptionScope Note: Use for materials on the ruins and RomeGeographyremains of ancient Rome, the cityand its environs. Materials on Dewey: 913.7Roman antiquities in several Scope Note: Use for geographic materials oncountries are entered under Rome ancient Rome. Antiquities. Materials on Roman Use For: Classical geographyantiquities limited to one modern Broader Term(s): Ancient geographycountry, city, etc., are entered under Historical geographythe place with the subdivision RomeHistoryAntiquities. Dewey: 937Use For: Roman antiquitiesBroader Term(s): Classical antiquities RoofsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRome (Italy)Description and travel Dewey: 690; 695; 721Dewey: 914.5 Broader Term(s): ArchitectureDetailsRome (Italy)History BuildingsDewey: 945 Rookwood potteryRomeAntiquities Dewey: 738Dewey: 937 Broader Term(s): Art potteryScope Note: Use for materials on Roman Rooming housesantiquities in several countries. Use: Hotels and motelsMaterials on Roman antiquitieslimited to one modern country, city, Roommatesetc., are entered under the place with Dewey: 643the subdivision Antiquities. Related Term(s): Shared housingMaterials on the ruins and remains Roomsof ancient Rome, the city and its Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyenvirons, are entered under Rome Dewey: 643; 645(Italy)Antiquities. See Also: types of rooms [to be added asUse For: Roman antiquities needed]Broader Term(s): Classical antiquities Broader Term(s): BuildingsRomeBiography HousesDewey: 920.037 Narrower Term(s):BathroomsUse For: Classical biography Garden roomsBroader Term(s): Biography KitchensRelated Term(s): Interior designRomeCivilizationDewey: 937 Root cropsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically845'