b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRural comedies social organization in rural areas.Use: Pastoral drama Materials on the rural conditions ofPastoral fiction particular regions, countries, cities,Rural community development etc., are entered under the place withUse: Rural development the subdivisionRural conditions.Descriptive, popular, and literaryRural conditions materials on living in the country areUse names of countries, states, etc., with the entered under Country life.subdivision Rural conditions, e.g. United StatesUse For: Sociology, RuralRural conditions; OhioRural conditions; etc. See Also: names of countries, states, etc., with[to be added as needed] the subdivision Rural conditions [toRural credit be added as needed]Use: Agricultural credit Broader Term(s): SociologyNarrower Term(s):OhioRural conditionsRural development United StatesRural conditionsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically UrbanizationDewey: 307.1 Related Term(s): Country lifeUse For: Rural community development Farm familiesBroader Term(s): AgricultureGovernment policy Farm lifeCommunity development PeasantryEconomic development Rural-urban migrationRegional planning Use: Internal migrationRural education RussiaUse: Rural schools Dewey: 947Rural electrification Scope Note: Use for materials on Russia from itsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically origins to the present, including theDewey: 621.319 Russian Empire and the SovietBroader Term(s): Electrification Union. Subject headings for theRelated Term(s): Electricity in agriculture various republics, nationalities, andethnic groups of the former SovietRural families Union are to be added as needed.Use: Farm families The non-Russian republics of theRural high schools former Soviet Union are: ArmeniaUse: Rural schools (Republic); Azerbaijan; Belarus;Estonia; Georgia (Republic);Rural life Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Latvia;Use: Country life Lithuania; Moldova; Tajikistan;Farm life Turkmenistan; Ukraine; andOutdoor life Uzbekistan.Use For: Russia (Federation)Rural poetry Narrower Term(s):RussiansUse: Pastoral poetryRussia (Federation)Rural schools Use: RussiaGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 371 Russia (Federation)History1991-Use For: Country schools; District schools; Use: RussiaHistory1991-High schools, Rural; Rural RussiaCommunismeducation; Rural high schools Use: CommunismRussiaBroader Term(s): Public schoolsSchools RussiaHistoryRural sociology Dewey: 947Dewey: 307.72 RussiaHistory0-1801Scope Note: Use for materials on the discipline Dewey: 947of rural sociology and the theory of848'