b'Salaries, wages, etc.Safety, Industrial Broader Term(s): FranceHistory1328-1589,Use: Occupational health and safety House of ValoisSagas HuguenotsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MassacresDewey: 398.22; 839 Saint Francis, Order ofBroader Term(s): Folklore Use: FranciscansLiteratureOld Norse literature Saint Lawrence RiverScandinavian literature Dewey: 551.48; 971.4Sailboarding Use For: St. Lawrence RiverUse: Windsurfing Broader Term(s): RiversCanadaSailing Saint Lawrence RiverBridgesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: BridgesSaint Lawrence RiverDewey: 623.88; 797.124 Saint Lawrence SeawayBroader Term(s): Ships Dewey: 386; 971.4Water sports Use For: St. Lawrence SeawayNarrower Term(s):WindsurfingRelated Term(s): Boats and boating Saint Valentines DayNavigation Use: Valentines DayYachts and yachting Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayQuebec (Province)Sailors Use: St. Jean Baptiste DayGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically SaintsDewey: 387.5092; 920 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Mariners; Naval personnel; Dewey: 200.92; 920Navigators; Sailors life; Sea life; See Also: saints of particular religions, e.g.Seamen Christian saints; and names ofSee Also: names of navies, e.g. United States. individual saints [to be added asNavy [to be added as needed] needed]Broader Term(s): Military personnel Broader Term(s): Religious biographyNaval art and science Narrower Term(s):Christian saintsNavies Mary (Blessed Virgin, Saint)Narrower Term(s):Merchant marine Related Term(s): MartyrsShip pilotsRelated Term(s): Seafaring life SaladsSailorsFiction Dewey: 641.83Use: Sea stories Broader Term(s): CookingRelated Term(s): CookingVegetablesSailors handbooks SalamandersUse: United States. NavyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyHandbooks, manuals, etc. Dewey: 597.8Sailors life Broader Term(s): AmphibiansUse: Sailors SalariesSeafaring life Use: Salaries, wages, etc.Sailors songs Salaries, wages, etc.Use: Sea songs Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySailplanes (Aeronautics) Dewey: 331.2; 658.3Use: Gliders (Aeronautics) Scope Note: Use for materials on all forms ofcompensation for work performedSaint Bartholomews Day, Massacre of, 1572 or services rendered, includingDewey: 944 salaries, wages, fees, commissions,Use For: St. Bartholomews Day, Massacre fringe benefits, and pensions.of, 1572851'