b'SayingsSaskatchewan Rebellion, 1885 Satire, French CanadianUse: Riel Rebellion, 1885 Use: Canadian satire (French)Sasquatch Saturn (Planet)Dewey: 001.9 Dewey: 523.46Use For: Big foot; Bigfoot Broader Term(s): PlanetsBroader Term(s): Monsters Saucers, FlyingMythical animalsUse: Unidentified flying objectsSAT SaucesUse: Scholastic Assessment TestDewey: 641.81Satan Broader Term(s): CookingUse: Devil Saudi ArabiaSatellite communication systems Dewey: 953.8Use: Artificial satellites in Scope Note: May be subdivided like Unitedtelecommunication States except for History.Satellites Saving and investmentDewey: 523.9 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Moons; Natural satellites; Planetary Dewey: 332.024satellites; PlanetsSatellites Use For: Capital accumulation; CapitalSee Also: names of planets with the formation; Economy; Investmentsubdivision Satellites, e.g. Mars and saving; Saving and thrift; Thrift(Planet)Satellites [to be added Broader Term(s): Capitalas needed] EconomicsBroader Term(s): Solar system Personal financeNarrower Term(s):Mars (Planet)Satellites WealthSatellitesMars Narrower Term(s):Savings and loan associationsRelated Term(s): InvestmentsUse: Mars (Planet)SatellitesSaving and thriftSatellites, Artificial Use: Saving and investmentUse: Artificial satellitesSatire Savings and loan associationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 808.7; 808.87 Dewey: 332.3Use For: Comic literature Use For: Building and loan associations;See Also: satire of particular countries, e.g. Loan associationsAmerican satire [to be added as Broader Term(s): Banks and bankingneeded] CooperationBroader Term(s): Literature Cooperative societiesRhetoric InvestmentsWit and humor LoansNarrower Term(s):American satire Personal loansBurlesque (Literature) Saving and investmentEnglish satire Related Term(s): Cooperative banksInvectiveParody Savings banksPolitical satire Use: Banks and bankingSatire, American SawsUse: American satire Dewey: 621.9Broader Term(s): Carpentry toolsSatire, Canadian ToolsUse: Canadian satireSayingsSatire, English Use: EpigramsUse: English satire ProverbsQuotations855'