b'Sears List of Subject Headingsare entered under Educational Use For: Desegregated schools;counseling. Desegregation in education;Use For: Guidance counseling, School EducationIntegration; IntegratedBroader Term(s): Counseling schools; Integration in education;Related Term(s): Educational counseling Racial balance in schools; SchoolSchool psychologists desegregationBroader Term(s): Race relationsSchool desegregation Narrower Term(s):Busing (School integration)Use: School integration Magnet schoolsSchool discipline Related Term(s): Segregation in educationDewey: 371.5 School journalismUse For: Discipline of children; Punishment Use: College and school journalismin schoolsBroader Term(s): SchoolsAdministration School librariesTeaching Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Classroom management Dewey: 027.8Student government Broader Term(s): Instructional materials centersLibrariesSchool dropouts Narrower Term(s):Elementary school librariesUse: Dropouts High school librariesSchool entertainments Library services to studentsUse: School assembly programs Related Term(s): Libraries and schoolsSchool excursions School lifeUse: Field trips Use: StudentsSchool fiction School lunchesUse: School stories Use: School childrenFoodSchool finance School management and organizationUse: EducationFinance Use: SchoolsAdministrationSchool furniture School mascotsUse: SchoolsEquipment and Use: Mascotssupplies School media centersSchool grade retention Use: Instructional materials centersUse: Promotion (School) School musicSchool houses Use: MusicStudy and teachingUse: School buildings School songbooksSingingSchool hygiene School newspapersDewey: 371.7 Use: College and school journalismBroader Term(s): ChildrenHealth and hygieneHealth education School nursesHygiene Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPublic health Dewey: 371.7Sanitation Broader Term(s): NursesRelated Term(s): School nurses Related Term(s): Health educationSchool inspection School hygieneUse: School supervision School organizationSchoolsAdministration Use: SchoolsAdministrationSchool integration School playgroundsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: PlaygroundsDewey: 379.2858'