b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSchool violence Rural schoolsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically School buildingsDewey: 371.7 Single-sex schoolsUse For: Student violence; Violence in Summer schoolsschools Urban schoolsBroader Term(s): Juvenile delinquency Related Term(s): EducationViolenceNarrower Term(s):School shootings SchoolsAccreditationSchool vouchers Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Educational vouchers Dewey: 379.1Use For: Accreditation (Education);School yearbooks Educational accreditationDewey: 371.8 See Also: types of educational institutions andUse For: Annuals; College yearbooks; High names of individual institutions withschool yearbooks; Student the subdivision Accreditation, e.g.yearbooks Colleges and universities Broader Term(s): Serial publications Accreditation; and subjects withYearbooks the subdivision Study and teaching,for accreditation of programs ofSchool-age fathers study in those subjects, e.g.Use: Teenage fathers MathematicsStudy andSchool-age mothers teaching [to be added as needed]Use: Teenage mothers SchoolsAdministrationSchoolhouses Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: School buildings Dewey: 371.2Scope Note: Use for materials on theSchools management and organization ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically schools and on the administrativeDewey: 371 duties of educators. Materials on theSee Also: types of schools, e.g. Church supervision of instruction areschools; Rural schools; etc.; names entered under School supervision.of individual schools; and subjects Use For: Educational administration;with the subdivision Study and Inspection of schools; Schoolteaching, e.g. ScienceStudy and administration and organization;teaching [to be added as needed] School inspection; SchoolNarrower Term(s):Business schools management and organization;Charter schools School organization; Schools Church schools Management and organizationColleges and universities Narrower Term(s):Articulation (Education)Correspondence schools and School attendancecourses School boardsElementary schools School disciplineEvening and continuation schools School superintendents andExperimental schools principalsHigh schools School supervisionJunior high schools SchoolsCentralizationKindergarten SchoolsDecentralizationLibraries and schools Student governmentMagnet schools SchoolsCanadaMiddle schools Dewey: 371.0971Museums and schools Use For: Canadian schoolsNongraded schools See Also: types of schools and names ofNursery schools individual schools [to be added asPrivate schools needed]Public schools Narrower Term(s):High schoolsCanadaReligious summer schools Public schoolsCanada860'