b'ScienceIslamic countriesSeparate schoolsCanada BiologySchoolsCentralization BotanyChaos (Science)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically ChemistryDewey: 379.1 Computer scienceUse For: Centralization of schools; Discoveries in scienceConsolidation of schools Earth sciencesBroader Term(s): SchoolsAdministration Environmental sciencesSchoolsCurricula Forensic sciencesUse: EducationCurricula Fraud in scienceGeologySchoolsDecentralization Life sciencesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically MathematicsDewey: 379.1 Natural historyUse For: Decentralization of schools PetrologyBroader Term(s): SchoolsAdministration Physical sciencesPhysicsSchoolsEquipment and supplies PhysiologyDewey: 371.6 Religion and scienceUse For: School furniture Science and civilizationBroader Term(s): Furniture Science and the humanitiesSchoolsExercises and recreations Space sciencesUse: School assembly programs System theoryZoologySchoolsFiction Related Term(s): LaboratoriesUse: School stories Scientific apparatus andinstrumentsSchoolsManagement and organization ScientistsUse: SchoolsAdministrationScienceCanadaSchoolsOpening exercises Dewey: 509.71Use: School assembly programs Use For: Canadian scienceSchoolsSelection ScienceExhibitionsUse: School choice Dewey: 507.4SchoolsUnited States Use For: Science fairsDewey: 371.00973 Broader Term(s): ExhibitionsUse For: American schools Narrower Term(s):Science projectsSchools and libraries ScienceExperimentsUse: Libraries and schools Dewey: 507Use For: Experiments, Scientific; ScienceSchools and museums experiments; Scientific experimentsUse: Museums and schools See Also: branches of science with thesubdivision Experiments, e.g.Schools, Military ChemistryExperiments to beUse: Military education added as needed]Schools, Nonformal Related Term(s): Science projectsUse: Experimental schools ScienceGovernment policyScience Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 353.7; 500Dewey: 500 Use For: Science and state; Science policySee Also: specific fields of study, e.g. ScienceIslamic countriesAstronomy, Physical sciences, etc. Dewey: 508.53[to be added as needed] Use For: Arab science; Islamic scienceNarrower Term(s):AstronomyBible and science861'