b'Scientific journalismScience fiction plays Electronic apparatus andDewey: 808.82 appliancesScope Note: Use for individual works, Engineering instrumentscollections, or materials about Meteorological instrumentsscience fiction plays. Optical instrumentsBroader Term(s): Drama Related Term(s): ScienceScience fiction poetry Scientific breakthroughsDewey: 808.1; 808.81 Use: Discoveries in scienceScope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials about Scientific creationismscience fiction poetry. Use: CreationismBroader Term(s): PoetryScientific discoveriesScience fiction radio programs Use: Discoveries in scienceDewey: 791.44Scope Note: Use for individual works, Scientific educationcollections, or materials about Use: ScienceStudy and teachingscience fiction radio programs. Scientific errorsBroader Term(s): Radio programs Use: ErrorsScience fiction television programs Scientific expeditionsDewey: 791.45 Dewey: 508Scope Note: Use for individual works, Use For: Expeditions, Scientific; Polarcollections, or materials about expeditionsscience fiction television programs. See Also: names of regions explored with theBroader Term(s): Television programs subdivision Exploration forRelated Term(s): Fantasy television programs materials on scientific expeditions toScience journalism regions that are unsettled or sparselyUse: Scientific journalism settled and largely unknown to theworld at large, e.g. Antarctica Science laboratories Exploration; names of countries,Use: Laboratories states, etc., with the subdivisionScience policy Exploring expeditions for materialsUse: ScienceGovernment policy on explorations sponsored by thosegovernments; and names ofScience projects expeditions [to be added as needed]Dewey: 507.8 Broader Term(s): Voyages and travelsUse For: Science fair projects Narrower Term(s):AntarcticaExplorationBroader Term(s): ScienceExhibitions Arctic regionsExplorationRelated Term(s): ScienceExperiments SafarisRelated Term(s): ExplorationScience, technology, engineering and mathematicseducation Scientific experimentsUse: STEM education Use: ScienceExperimentsScientific apparatus and instruments Scientific fraudDewey: 502.8 Use: Fraud in scienceUse For: Apparatus, Scientific; Instruments, Scientific instrumentsScientific; Scientific instruments Use: Scientific apparatus andSee Also: types of instruments, e.g. instrumentsAeronautical instruments; andnames of specific instruments [to be Scientific journalismadded as needed] Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Aeronautical instruments Dewey: 070.4Astronomical instruments Use For: Journalism, Scientific; ScienceChemical apparatus journalismElectric apparatus and appliances Broader Term(s): Journalism863'