b'Sea powerSculptors Sculpture, ModernGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Modernism in sculptureDewey: 730.92; 920 Sculpture, Modern20th centuryBroader Term(s): ArtistsUse: Sculpture20th centurySculptorsCanadaDewey: 730.92; 920 Sculpture, SnowUse For: Canadian sculptors Use: Snow sculptureSee Also: names of individual sculptors [to be SDI (Ballistic missile defense system)added as needed] Use: Strategic Defense InitiativeRelated Term(s): Canadian sculptureSculptorsUnited States Sea animalsUse: Marine animalsDewey: 730.92; 920Use For: American sculptors Sea bedSculpture Use: Ocean bottomDewey: 730 Sea farmingUse For: Statues Use: AquacultureSee Also: sculpture of particular countries, e.g.Greek sculpture; and specific types Sea fisheriesof sculpture [to be added as needed] Use: Commercial fishingBroader Term(s): Art Sea fishingDecoration and ornament Use: Saltwater fishingNarrower Term(s):American sculptureBrasses Sea foodBronzes Use: SeafoodGreek sculptureIndian sculpture Sea in artKinetic sculpture Use: Marine paintingMasks (Sculpture) Sea laboratoriesMobiles (Sculpture) Use: Undersea research stationsModelingModernism in sculpture Sea lawsMonuments Use: Maritime lawPlaster castsSand sculpture Sea lifeSoap sculpture Use: Marine biologyRelated Term(s): Carving (Decorative arts) NaviesSailorsSculpture20th century Seafaring lifeDewey: 735Use For: Modern sculpture1900-1999 Sea mosses(20th century); Sculpture, Modern Use: Algae 20th century Sea poetrySculpture21st century Dewey: 808.1; 808.81Dewey: 735 Scope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials aboutSculptureTechnique poetry about the sea.Dewey: 731.4 Broader Term(s): PoetryRelated Term(s): Modeling Narrower Term(s):Sea songsSculpture in motion Sea pollutionUse: Kinetic sculpture Use: Marine pollutionSculpture, Greek Sea powerUse: Greek sculpture Dewey: 359Use For: Dominion of the sea; Militarypower; Naval power; Navy865'