b'Seigniorial tenureRelated Term(s): Humanism Seed capitalUse: Venture capitalSecurities SeedsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 581.4Dewey: 332.63 Broader Term(s): Plant propagationUse For: Capitalization (Finance); Dividends PlantsSee Also: types of securities [to be added as Narrower Term(s):Nutsneeded]Broader Term(s): Finance SeedsGerminationInvestments Use: GerminationStock exchangesNarrower Term(s):Bonds Seeing eye dogsCapital market Use: Guide dogsDay trading (Securities) Seeking attentionDerivative securities Use: Showing offFuturesInsider trading SegregationMortgages Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyStocks Dewey: 305.8Securities exchange Use For: DesegregationUse: Stock exchanges See Also: segregation in particular areas, e.g.Segregation in education; andSecurities fraud racial and ethnic groups and classesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically of persons with the subdivisionDewey: 345; 364.1 Segregation, e.g. AfricanUse For: Stock fraud; Stock market fraud AmericansSegregation [to beBroader Term(s): Fraud added as needed]Broader Term(s): Race relationsSecurities trading, Insider Narrower Term(s):African AmericansSegregationUse: Insider trading ApartheidSecurity (Psychology) BlacksSegregationDewey: 152.4; 155.2 Segregation in educationBroader Term(s): Emotions Related Term(s): DiscriminationPsychology MinoritiesSecurity measures Segregation in educationUse subjects with the subdivision Security measures, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallye.g. Nuclear power plantsSecurity measures Dewey: 379.2[to be added as needed] Use For: EducationIntegration; Education Segregation; Integration inSecurity traders education; Racial balance in schoolsUse: Stockbrokers Broader Term(s): SegregationRelated Term(s): Discrimination in educationSecurity, Internal School integrationUse: Internal securitySegregation in housingSecurity, International Use: Discrimination in housingUse: International securitySegregation in public accommodationsSeder Use: Discrimination in publicDewey: 296.4 accommodationsBroader Term(s): JudaismCustoms andpractices Seigneurial tenurePassover Use: Seigniorial tenureSedition Seigniorial tenureUse: Political crimes and offenses Dewey: 333.3; 971.01; 971.4Revolutions Use For: Seigneurial tenure869'