b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSelf-mastery Retail tradeUse: Self-control Narrower Term(s):AuctionsSelf-medication Direct sellingUse: Health self-care Mail-order businessRummage salesSelf-mutilation Sales managementGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Secondhand tradeDewey: 616.85 Related Term(s): AdvertisingBroader Term(s): Abnormal psychology MarketingSelf-perception Selling of infantsDewey: 155.2 Use: AdoptionCorrupt practicesUse For: Self-awareness; Self-conceptBroader Term(s): Psychology Semantic networks (Information theory)Narrower Term(s):Body image Dewey: 004.6Related Term(s): Self-acceptance Broader Term(s): Information theorySelf-consciousness Narrower Term(s):Semantic WebSelf-esteem Semantic WebSelf-protection in animals Dewey: 025.042Use: Animal defenses Broader Term(s): Semantic networks (Informationtheory)Self-protection in plants World Wide WebUse: Plant defensesSemanticsSelf-publishing Dewey: 121; 302.2; 401Dewey: 070.5 Broader Term(s): Language and languagesBroader Term(s): Publishers and publishing LinguisticsRelated Term(s): Electronic publishing Narrower Term(s):SemioticsSelf-realization Semiarid regionsDewey: 155.2; 158 Use: Arid regionsUse For: Fulfillment, Self; Self-actualization;Self-fulfillment SemiconductorsBroader Term(s): Psychology Dewey: 621.3815Related Term(s): Success Broader Term(s): Electric conductorsElectronicsSelf-reflexive fiction Narrower Term(s):MicroelectronicsUse: Metafiction TransistorsSelf-reliance SemioticsDewey: 179 Dewey: 302.2; 401Use For: Self-assurance Scope Note: Use for materials on the relationshipRelated Term(s): Self-confidence between signs and symbols andSurvival skills whatever it is they stand for.Self-respect Broader Term(s): SemanticsUse: Self-esteem Narrower Term(s):Visual literacyRelated Term(s): Signs and symbolsSelfishness Semitic peoplesDewey: 179 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Personality Dewey: 305.892Selkirk Settlement Broader Term(s): EthnologyUse: Red River Settlement Senate (Canada)Selling Use: Canada. Parliament. SenateGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Senate (U.S.)Dewey: 381; 658.8 Use: United States. Congress. SenateUse For: SalesmanshipBroader Term(s): Business872'