b'Sears List of Subject Headingsindependence movements [to be Newspapersadded as needed] PeriodicalsBroader Term(s): Social movements School yearbooksRelated Term(s): Secession YearbooksSeparatist movements in Quebec Related Term(s): International Standard SerialNumbersUse: Quebec (Province)Separatistmovements SerigraphySeparatist movements in Quebec (Province) Use: Silk screen printingUse: Quebec (Province)Separatist Sermon on the mountmovements Dewey: 226.9September 11 terrorist attacks, 2001 SermonsDewey: 973.931 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Pentagon (Va.) terrorist attack, Dewey: 204; 2522001; Terrorist attacks, September Scope Note: Use for collections of sermons of11, 2001; World Trade Center (New several religions and for collectionsYork, N.Y.) terrorist attack, 2001 of Christian sermons not limited to aBroader Term(s): TerrorismUnited States single topic, occasion, or ChristianSepulchers denomination. Materials on the artof writing and delivering sermonsUse: Tombs are entered under Preaching.Sepulchral brasses See Also: sermons of particular countries,Use: Brasses languages, or religions, e.g. Englishsermons; Islamic sermons; etc.;Sequences (Mathematics) sermons preached at particular timesDewey: 510 of year or on particular occasions,Use For: Mathematical sequences; Numerical e.g. Lenten sermons; and topicssequences and Christiandenominations with theBroader Term(s): Algebra subdivision Sermons, e.g. ChristianMathematics lifeSermons; PresbyterianNarrower Term(s):Factorials ChurchSermons; etc. [to beSerial killers added as needed]Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): Christian literatureDewey: 364.15 Narrower Term(s):American sermonsUse For: Serial murderers Christian lifeSermonsBroader Term(s): Criminals English sermonsHomicide Islamic sermonsNarrower Term(s):Jack the Ripper murders, Lenten sermonsLondon, England, 1888 Presbyterian ChurchSermonsRelated Term(s): PreachingSerial murderers SerpentsUse: Serial killers Use: SnakesSerial publications ServantsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Household employeesDewey: 050Scope Note: Use for general materials on Service (in industry)publications in any medium issued Use: Customer servicesin successive parts bearingnumerical or chronological Service books (Liturgy)designations and intended to be Use: Liturgiescontinued indefinitely. Service dogsBroader Term(s): Bibliography Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyPublishers and publishing Dewey: 636.73Narrower Term(s):Almanacs Broader Term(s): Working dogsAnnual reports874'