b'SewerageService industries Narrower Term(s):ArithmeticGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Boolean algebraDewey: 338.4 FractalsSee Also: types of service industries [to be Functionsadded as needed] Number theoryBroader Term(s): Industries TopologyNarrower Term(s):Food service Related Term(s): Symbolic logicHospitality industryHotels and motels Sets (Mathematics)Lease and rental services Use: Set theoryUndertakers and undertakingSets of fractional dimensionService stations Use: FractalsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 629.28 Sets, FractalUse For: Filling stations; Gas stations Use: FractalsBroader Term(s): Automobile industry Settlement of landPetroleum industry Use: Land settlementService, Customer Settlements, SocialUse: Customer services Use: Social settlementsServicemen Seven Wonders of the WorldUse: Military personnel Dewey: 930Services for Broader Term(s): Ancient architectureUse classes of persons, ethnic groups, animals, and Ancient arttypes of schools with the subdivision Services for, Seven Years WarCanadae.g. People with disabilitiesServices for [to be Use: CanadaHistory1755-1763,added as needed] Seven Years WarServices for people with disabilities Seven Years WarUnited StatesUse: People with disabilitiesUse: United StatesHistory Services for 1755-1763, French and IndianServices of worship WarUse: Worship programs Seven Years War, 1756-1763Services, Customer Dewey: 940.2Use: Customer services Broader Term(s): EuropeHistory1492-1789Narrower Term(s):United StatesHistory Servicewomen 1755-1763, French and IndianUse: Military personnel WarServitude Seventeenth centuryUse: Peonage Use: World history17th centurySlaverySeville (Spain)Worlds Fair, 1992Servomechanisms Use: Expo 92 (Seville, Spain)Dewey: 629.8Use For: Automatic control Sewage disposalBroader Term(s): Automation Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyFeedback control systems Dewey: 628.3Broader Term(s): Public healthSet theory Refuse and refuse disposalDewey: 511.3 Related Term(s): Water pollutionUse For: Aggregates; Classes (Mathematics);Ensembles (Mathematics); SewerageMathematical sets; Sets Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically(Mathematics) Dewey: 628Broader Term(s): Mathematics Use For: Sewers875'