b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): House drainage Sexual ethicsMunicipal engineering Sex (Biology)PlumbingSanitary engineering Use: SexPhysiological aspectsRelated Term(s): Drainage Sex (Psychology)Sewers Use: SexPsychological aspectsUse: Sewerage SexPhysiological aspectsSewing Dewey: 571.8; 612.6Dewey: 646.2 Scope Note: Use for materials on the physicalBroader Term(s): Home economics traits that distinguish the male andNarrower Term(s):Embroidery female of a species and on theQuilting physiological aspects of sexuality.Soft toy making Materials on the social andRelated Term(s): Dressmaking behavioral aspects of sexuality areNeedlework entered under Sex. Materials on theSewing machines psychology of sexuality are enteredunder SexPsychologicalSewing machines aspects.Dewey: 646.2044 Use For: Sex (Biology); SexualityRelated Term(s): Sewing Broader Term(s): BiologySex Narrower Term(s):IntersexualityDewey: 306.7 PubertyScope Note: Use for materials on the social and Reproductive systembehavioral aspects of sexuality. Sexual behavior in animalsMaterials on the physiological traits Sexual disordersthat distinguish the male and female Related Term(s): Reproductionof a species and on the physiological SexPsychological aspectsaspects of sexuality are entered Dewey: 155.3under SexPhysiological aspects. Scope Note: Use for materials on the psychologyMaterials on the psychology of of sexuality. Materials on the socialsexuality are entered under Sexand behavioral aspects of sexualityPsychological aspects. are entered under Sex. Materials onUse For: Human beingsSexual behavior; the physiological traits thatHuman sexuality; Sexual behavior; distinguish the male and female of aSexual intercourse; Sexual practices; species and on the physiologicalSexuality aspects of sexuality are enteredSee Also: social groups and classes of persons under SexPhysiological aspects.with the subdivision Sexual Use For: Sex (Psychology); Sexual behavior,behavior, e.g. College studentsPsychology of; Sexual psychology;Sexual behavior [to be added as Sexualityneeded] Broader Term(s): PsychologyBroader Term(s): Human behavior Narrower Term(s):FemininityNarrower Term(s):Bisexuality MasculinityCollege studentsSexual Sex differences (Psychology)behavior Sex biasComputer sexFetishism (Sexual behavior) Use: SexismGender role Sex changeHomosexuality Use: Sex reassignment surgerySex crimesSex in the workplace Sex crimesSexual abstinence Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySexual deviation Dewey: 364.15Sexual harassment Use For: Sexual abuse; Sexual crimes; SexualRelated Term(s): Sexual disorders offenses876'