b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsChastity. Materials on the Chastityrenunciation of marriage for Free lovereligious reasons are entered under ProstitutionCelibacy. Sexual harassmentUse For: Abstinence, Sexual Related Term(s): SexBroader Term(s): Asceticism Sexual fetishismSex Use: Fetishism (Sexual behavior)Related Term(s): Birth controlCelibacy Sexual harassmentChastity Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySexual abuse Dewey: 331.13; 344Use: Child sexual abuse Use For: Harassment, Sexual; Sexual abuseSex crimes Broader Term(s): SexSexual harassment Sexual ethicsRelated Term(s): Sex in the workplaceSexual assault Sexual hygieneUse: Rape Dewey: 613.9Sexual behavior Use For: Hygiene, Sexual; Social hygieneUse: Sex Broader Term(s): HygieneNarrower Term(s):Birth controlSexual behavior in animals Safe sex in AIDS preventionDewey: 591.56 Sexually transmitted diseases Use For: Animal sexual behavior; AnimalsPreventionSexual behavior; Breeding behavior; Related Term(s): Sex educationMating behavior; Reproductive Sexually transmitted diseasesbehaviorBroader Term(s): Animal behavior Sexual identitySexPhysiological aspects Use: Gender identityNarrower Term(s):Animal courtship Sexual intercourseSexual behavior, Psychology of Use: SexUse: SexPsychological aspects Sexual offensesSexual crimes Use: Sex crimesUse: Sex crimes Sexual perversionSexual deviation Use: Sexual deviationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Sexual practicesDewey: 306.7; 616.85 Use: SexUse For: Deviation, Sexual; Paraphilias;Perversion, Sexual; Sexual Sexual psychologyperversion Use: SexPsychological aspectsBroader Term(s): SexSexual disorders SexualityUse: SexSexual disorders SexPhysiological aspectsDewey: 616.6; 616.85 SexPsychological aspectsUse For: Sex disordersBroader Term(s): SexPhysiological aspects Sexually abused childrenNarrower Term(s):Sexual deviation Use: Child sexual abuseRelated Term(s): Sex Sexually transmitted diseasesSex therapyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySexual ethics Dewey: 616.95Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: VD; Venereal diseasesDewey: 176 See Also: types of sexually transmittedBroader Term(s): Ethics diseases [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Adultery Broader Term(s): Communicable diseases878'