b'Sign paintingShow windows Broader Term(s): FamilyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):BrothersDewey: 659.1 Sibling rivalryUse For: Shop windows; Window dressing SistersBroader Term(s): Advertising TripletsDecoration and ornament TwinsWindowsShowers (Parties) SickDewey: 793.2 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Baby showers; Bridal showers; Dewey: 305.9; 362.1Wedding showers Broader Term(s): People with disabilitiesBroader Term(s): Parties Narrower Term(s):Church work with the sickCooking for the sickShowing off First aidDewey: 302.5 InvalidsUse For: Attention-seeking; Seeking attention Mentally illBroader Term(s): Human behavior Terminally illRelated Term(s): DiseasesShrines Home nursingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically NursingDewey: 203; 263; 726 PatientsBroader Term(s): Sacred sitesNarrower Term(s):Tombs SickPrayersRelated Term(s): Pilgrims and pilgrimages Dewey: 204; 242Broader Term(s): PrayersShroud of TurinUse: Holy Shroud Sick leaveGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyShroud, Holy Dewey: 331.25Use: Holy Shroud Use For: Medical leaveShrubs Broader Term(s): Absenteeism (Labor)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Leave of absenceDewey: 582.17; 635.9 SicknessBroader Term(s): Plants Use: DiseasesTreesNarrower Term(s):Evergreens SiddurimRelated Term(s): Landscape gardening Use: JudaismPrayersOrnamental plants SIDS (Disease)Shyness Use: Sudden infant death syndromeDewey: 155.2 SiegesUse For: Bashfulness Use: BattlesBroader Term(s): EmotionsSiamese twins SightUse: Conjoined twins Use: VisionSibling rivalry Sight saving booksDewey: 306.875 Use: Large print booksBroader Term(s): Child psychology Sign languageSiblings Dewey: 419Sibling sequence Use For: DeafSign languageUse: Birth order Broader Term(s): Language and languagesNarrower Term(s):Native American sign languageSiblings Related Term(s): DeafMeans of communicationDewey: 155.44; 306.875 Signs and symbolsUse For: Brothers and sisters; Sisters and Sign paintingbrothers Dewey: 667885'