b'SingersInsects Broader Term(s): MachineryMoths Mechanical movementsRelated Term(s): Silk MechanicsSilos Narrower Term(s):Inclined planesLeversUse: Silage and silos PulleysSilver ScrewsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically WedgesDewey: 332.4; 669 WheelsBroader Term(s): Chemical elements SimplicityPrecious metals Dewey: 179; 646.7Narrower Term(s):Silverwork Broader Term(s): Conduct of lifeRelated Term(s): CoinageMoney Simulation gamesSilver articles Dewey: 003Use For: Gaming simulationsUse: Silverwork Broader Term(s): Game theorySilver mines and mining Narrower Term(s):War gamesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Simulation games in educationDewey: 622 Dewey: 371.39Broader Term(s): Mines and mineral resources Use For: Educational gaming; EducationalNarrower Term(s):Prospecting simulation games; Gaming,Silver plate EducationalUse: Plate Broader Term(s): EducationSilverware Educational gamesGame theorySilver work Simulation, ComputerUse: SilverworkUse: Computer simulationSilversmithing SinUse: SilverworkDewey: 205; 241Silverware Broader Term(s): EthicsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Good and evilDewey: 642; 739.2 TheologyUse For: Flatware, Silver; Silver plate Narrower Term(s):AvariceBroader Term(s): Decorative arts GuiltSilverwork Pride and vanityTableware Related Term(s): Forgiveness of sinSilverwork Sin, Forgiveness ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Forgiveness of sinDewey: 739.2 Sinai Campaign, 1956Use For: Silver articles; Silver work;Silversmithing Dewey: 956.04Broader Term(s): Art metalwork Use For: Anglo-French intervention in Egypt,Metalwork 1956; Arab-Israel War, 1956;Silver Israel-Arab War, 1956Narrower Term(s):Native American silverwork Broader Term(s): EgyptHistoryPlate Israel-Arab conflictsSilverware SingersSimple machines Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 621.8 Dewey: 920Use For: Machines, Simple Broader Term(s): MusiciansSee Also: types of simple machines, e.g. Narrower Term(s):African American singersWheels [to be added as needed]887'