b'Skin careSit-down strikes Broader Term(s): Free thoughtUse: Strikes PhilosophySit-ins for civil rights RationalismUse: Civil rights demonstrations Related Term(s): AgnosticismBelief and doubtSitcoms TruthUse: Comedy television programsSketchbooks, ArtistsSite oriented art Use: Artists notebooksUse: Earthworks (Art)SketchingSitters (Babysitters) Use: DrawingUse: BabysittersSki resortsSituation comedies Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Comedy television programs Dewey: 796.93Six Day War, 1967 Broader Term(s): Winter resortsUse: Israel-Arab War, 1967 SkidoosSixteenth century Use: SnowmobilesUse: World history16th century SkiingSize Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 530.8 Dewey: 796.93Use For: Large and small; Size and shape; Use For: Skis and skiing; Snow skiingSmall and large Broader Term(s): Winter sportsBroader Term(s): Concepts SkillPerception Use: AbilitySize and shape Skilled laborUse: Shape Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySize Dewey: 331.7Skateboarding Broader Term(s): LaborGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically SkillsDewey: 796.22 Use: AbilityBroader Term(s): Roller skatingSkinSkating Dewey: 611; 612.7Use: Ice skating Broader Term(s): AnatomyRoller skating PhysiologySkeletal remains SkinCareUse: Human remains (Archeology) Dewey: 616.5; 646.7Skeleton Use For: SkinCare and hygiene; Skin careDewey: 573.7; 611 SkinCare and hygieneScope Note: Use for materials limited to the Use: SkinCaremorphology or mechanics of theskeleton, human or animal. SkinDiseasesComprehensive and systematic Dewey: 616.5materials on the anatomy of bones Use For: Dermatitisare entered under Bones. See Also: types of skin diseases [to be addedBroader Term(s): Musculoskeletal system as needed]Narrower Term(s):Human remains (Archeology) Broader Term(s): DiseasesRelated Term(s): Bones Narrower Term(s):AcneSkepticism Skin careDewey: 149; 186; 211 Use: SkinCareUse For: Scepticism; Unbelief889'