b'Soap carvingUse For: Contraband trade Narrower Term(s):AvalanchesBroader Term(s): Crime Related Term(s): BlizzardsTariff StormsSmuggling of drugs Snow boardingUse: Drug traffic Use: SnowboardingSnack foods Snow campingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 796.54Dewey: 641.5; 642 Use For: Camping, SnowUse For: Snacks Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaBroader Term(s): Food Snow sculptureSnacks Dewey: 736Use: Snack foods Use For: Sculpture, SnowSnakes Snow skiingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: SkiingDewey: 597.96 SnowboardingUse For: Serpents; VipersSee Also: types of snakes, e.g. Rattlesnakes Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically[to be added as needed] Dewey: 796.939Broader Term(s): Reptiles Use For: Snow boardingNarrower Term(s):Rattlesnakes Broader Term(s): Winter sportsSnakes as pets SnowmobilesSnakes as pets Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 636.088 Dewey: 629.22; 796.94Broader Term(s): Pets Use For: SkidoosSnakes Broader Term(s): All terrain vehiclesRelated Term(s): SnowmobilingSnapshots SnowmobilingUse: PhotographsDewey: 796.94Snipers Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaDewey: 356 Related Term(s): SnowmobilesUse For: Sharpshooters Snowshoe biathlonBroader Term(s): Shooters of firearmsDewey: 796.9Snobbery Use For: Biathlon, SnowshoeUse: Snobs and snobbishness Broader Term(s): Snowshoes and snowshoeingSportsCanadaSnobbishnessUse: Snobs and snobbishness Snowshoes and snowshoeingDewey: 796.9Snobbism Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaUse: Snobs and snobbishness Narrower Term(s):Snowshoe biathlonSnobs and snobbishness SoapGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 303.3 Dewey: 668Use For: Snobbery; Snobbishness; Snobbism Broader Term(s): Cleaning compoundsRelated Term(s): Pride and vanity Related Term(s): DetergentsSnorkeling Soap box derbiesUse: Skin diving Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySnow Dewey: 796.6Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Broader Term(s): RacingDewey: 551.57 Soap carvingBroader Term(s): Precipitation (Meteorology) Use: Soap sculpture893'