b'Social group workIntellectuals Social contractMiddle class Dewey: 320.01; 320.1Rich Broader Term(s): Political scienceUpper class SociologyWorking class Social Credit Party of CanadaSocial competence Dewey: 324.271Use: Social skills Use For: Crditistes; Parti crdit social duCanada; SocredsSocial conditions Broader Term(s): Political partiesCanadaDewey: 909 Social customsScope Note: Use for materials on the social Use: Manners and customsaspects of several of the followingtopics: labor, poverty, education, Social democracyhealth, housing, recreation, moral Use: Socialismconditions.Use For: Social history Social devianceSee Also: racial and ethnic groups, classes of Use: Deviant behaviorpersons, and names of countries, Social distinctionscities, etc., with the subdivision Use: Social classesSocial conditions [to be added asneeded] Social drinkingBroader Term(s): Sociology Use: Drinking of alcoholic beveragesNarrower Term(s):African AmericansSocialconditions Social ecologyBlacksSocial conditions Use: Human ecologyChicago (Ill.)Social conditions Social economicsCost and standard of living Use: SocioeconomicsCountercultureEconomic conditions Social entrepreneurshipJewsSocial conditions Dewey: 338; 658.4Labor Broader Term(s): EntrepreneurshipMenSocial conditionsMoral conditions Social equalityNative AmericansSocial Use: Equalityconditions Social ethicsOhioSocial conditions Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyQuality of life Dewey: 170Social movements Broader Term(s): EthicsSocial policy SociologySocial problems Narrower Term(s):Political ethicsUnited StatesSocial conditions Related Term(s): Social problemsUrbanizationWomenSocial conditions Social evolutionSocial conflict Use: Social changeGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Social geographyDewey: 303.6 Use: Human geographyUse For: Class conflict; Class struggle;Conflict, Social Social group workBroader Term(s): Social psychology Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySociology Dewey: 361.4; 362Narrower Term(s):Conflict management Use For: Group social work; Group work,Conflict of generations Social; Social work with groupsRole conflict Broader Term(s): CounselingSocial workSocial conformityUse: Conformity895'